Support Josh's Water Jobs

We are trying to make the website more sustainable. A first step is to set up a contribution system for you, the users! Please consider giving back to the website. A fundamental premise for Josh’s Water Jobs that we decided on is that we will never charge the job seeker for basic access to jobs nor for an organization to post an open position.

There are six ways you can contribute:

  1. We are trying to make up for lost time and recuperate what we’ve spent on the website, out of our own pockets, since 2016. You can help with that effort through our GoFundMe page. If you’ve gotten a job or the site has saved you hours of searching over the last few years, please think about contributing here.
  2. Moving forward, one-time and standalone contributions will no longer be taken via our old PayPal system, but through a new platform that is much easier (using a bank card). You can find that platform here.
  3. Preferred method: Monthly contributions… There are a lot of people that receive the weekly emails and follow the website. If everyone gave just a $1 a month, at a minimum, the website would have no problem sustaining itself. If half the list spent the equivalent of a coffee a month on the website, the functionality and what we could offer would grow exponentially. It is really incredible what we could do if people just gave a little bit each.
  4. PayPal: Please use the email to send contributions via PayPal.
  5. Bank transfer: Contact Josh through the above email.
  6. Invoice: Contract Josh through the above email.

Hank and I combined probably spend 15-20 hours a week on the site and have been doing so for free for almost three years. So, please consider giving back a little if you benefit from the site. We would appreciate it and there would be more functionality to be had as a result!

Josh and Hank