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After having spent several years helping organizations to find good talent for open water-related jobs, we will now use that knowledge and take those efforts to the next level by offering direct services to facilitate hiring for organizations, from start to finish.

Josh, himself a water expert, has a unique mix of knowing water as a subject matter, being familiar with the water community through an extensive network and having recruitment and jobs experience knowledge. He can allow you to focus on the core business of your organization and leave it to him to support you with your recruiting needs.

We offer the following services:

  • Job description/profile development
  • Advertisement/highlighted via Josh’s Water Jobs
  • CV/résumé collection
  • CV/résumé screening (long listing, short listing)
  • Targeted recruitment

Why use Josh’s Water Jobs for your recruitment process?

  • Increases the efficiency of the recruitment process and saves time
  • Leads to cost savings (labor, ads, cost-per-hire is often reduced along with time-to-hire because of dedicated recruiting resources)
  • Boosts the likelihood of ensuring the right profile match for your organization

Please note: we do not accept individual CVs for job placement services at this time


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