Support Josh's Water Jobs

Since this jobs list started informally back in 2010, I have been putting it together in my free time all the way until now in its current state as a website.  Now that it exists online, and was developed so by the website’s co-founder, Hank, there are costs of development, operation and maintenance to the site that we are funding ourselves.

A fundamental premise for Josh’s Water Jobs that we decided on is that we will never charge the jobseeker for basic access to jobs nor for an organization to post an open position.  Additional pay services will be added at a later date, but those seeking jobs and employers will always be able to search jobs and post them, respectively.

If you find that there has been value in receiving the services of Josh’s Water Jobs, feel free to contribute whatever amount you believe to support your continued free access to water jobs around the world.

Thank you for your support.

Josh and Hank