Support Josh's Water Jobs

Since the website started in June of 2016, Josh’s Water Jobs has run on an entirely volunteer basis with Hank and I financing all the costs associated with the website ourselves. A fundamental premise for Josh’s Water Jobs that we decided on is that we will never charge the job seeker for basic access to jobs nor for an organization to post an open position.  Additional pay services will be added at a later date, but those seeking jobs and employers will always be able to search jobs and post them, respectively.

We’d like to:

  1. clear the books for 2016 and 2018 through a GoFundMe campaign, which will cover our operating expenses to date, and then
  2. launch a contribution campaign that will allow those who benefit from the website to contribute with one-time or monthly contributions. Monthly contributions can be as low as $1/month, so even contributing a small amount would be a huge help!

We would greatly appreciate it you would contribute to one (or both!) of the following fundraising activities if you find that there has been value in receiving the services of Josh’s Water Jobs.