Researcher: Development and testing of regional approaches to multivariate and non-stationary frequency analysis of hydrological extremes via EURAXESS

Universita' di Bologna

Bologna, Italy 🇮🇹

Offer Description

Local and regional frequency analysis of hydrological extremes is among the most adopted methods to obtain the design flow and rainfall for the construction of hydraulic structures. Recently, the scientific community is focusing on multivariate and non-stationary frequency analysis methodologies, which exploit the dependence of the extremes on other variables (e.g., the morphology of the territory) and on the oscillations of climatic indices on a global scale. The present Research Project aims to address the multivariate and non-stationary frequency modelling of hydrologic extremes in Northern Italy. Updated and detailed datasets developed in the context of recent collaborations with the District Authority of the River Po and the several ARPAs will be used. First, the correlation with the most influential climate indices in the Mediterranean area will be studied, looking for robust spatial patterns. Second, non-stationary multivariate frequency analysis techniques will be tested.




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