PhD Candidate in hydro(geo)logy, water quality and Contaminants of Emerging Concern via EURAXESS

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)- BarcelonaTECH

Barcelona, Spain 🇪🇸

Offer Description

This positions are part of the GEOCEC project, recently awarded by the Spanish Research Agency (AEI)

GEOCEC aims at identifying and understanding all the bio-geochemical processes in the aquifer responsible of Contaminants of Emerging Concern (CECs) removal in order to generate a novel methodology capable to enhance and control all these processes. CECs comprise a huge variety of compounds: pharmaceuticals and personal care products, nanomaterials, fire retardants, among others, with a huge variety of physico-chemical properties. Some of these compounds are related to endocrine disrupting activity, which is defined as an environmental cause of several cancers.

The PhD position combines research to laboratory experiments, chemical analysis (CECs determination) and modelling. The PhD candidate will develop column experiments running at different geo-chemical conditions where the fate of CECs will be evaluated at the different phases (water, soil and biofilm). The last goal of the PhD will be to improve the understanding of the CECs fate in soil and aquifer.

The ideal candidate will possess skills in experimental work, data science and modeling. The work will be developed in the Hydrogeology Research Group at the UPC-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain) ( To apply to this position, the canditate should send a CV and a motivation letter to the contact e-mail.


  • A Master’s degree in environmental science, water resources, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, or a related field.
  • An interest in laboratory work (specially for column experiments and their instrumentation) and CECs analysis are essential for this position.
  • Interest in modeling is required. Python/ Matlab / Phreeqc / Modflow knowledge is a plus.
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills are required.The ability to work well in a team and the willingness to learn and conduct independent research are essential.
  • Good knowledge in English are required. Knowledge of Spanish/Catalan is appreciated.





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