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Republic of Angola

Climate Resilience and Water Security in Angola-RECLIMA

Loan No IBRD 9380-AO

Project ID No. P177004

Rural Water Supply Specialist based in Lubango (re-advertised)

Reference No. 6ACS3/UCP/R/23

The Government of the Republic of Angola (GoA) has received financing from the World Bank and the French Agency of Development (AFD) toward the cost of the Climate Resilience and Water Security in Angola-RECLIMA and intends to apply part of the proceeds of the financing to procure the services of an individual consultant for the position of Rural Water Supply Specialist in the Financial and Contract Management Unit (FCMU-WB/AFD) of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA).

The Rural Water Supply Specialist will be hired to support RECLIMA project activities in relation to strengthen water supply services in rural areas of selected provinces, including rehabilitation and expansion, maintenance, and repairs of rural water supply systems to ensure investment sustainability in rural context and to ensure RECLIMA activities in water supply are linked to water resources management at the basin and municipal scales, including drought preparedness and contingency plans at the provincial and municipal level, in close consultation with the FCMU-WB/AFD Coordination.

The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment can be obtained at the address given below. 

The Financial and Contract Management Unit (FCMU-WB/AFD) of the Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA) now invites eligible individual consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested individual consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, etc.).

The candidate for this position must be a qualified senior specialist in water supply and sanitation and should demonstrate sound experience in the field of rural water supply. In addition, the candidate shall be strong in preparation and implementation of water rural programs focussed on village level operation and management of communal water pumps; community management and developing participatory practice. Specifically, s/he should have the following minimum qualifications:

  1. A graduate degree in Civil, Hydraulic, Sanitary or Environmental Engineering, A postgraduate degree in Rural Water Supply shall be considered an advantage.
  2. At least 15 (fifteen) years post qualification working experience, with at least 10 years in the field of rural water supply. Field experience with water storage and management activities in rural areas such as boreholes, shallow hand dug wells, other hand water pumps, sand dams, etc. shall be considered an advantage.
  3. Should have strong skills in appropriate / low-cost technology choice, demand assessment techniques, community management and social development facilitation, e.g. Grupo de Água e Saneamento (GAS), Modelo de GestĂŁo ComunitĂĄria de Água (MOGECA), etc.
  4. Work experience in 3 (three) internationally similar financed projects.
  5. Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Word, and Excel.
  6. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  7. Fluency in Portuguese and working knowledge of English.

The duration of the assignment of the Rural Water Supply Specialist will be for a period of 24 months, on a full-time basis, with possible extension upon satisfactory performance. The location of the position is Lubango (Huila) with a significant amount of time in the field in the 5 Southern provinces (Benguela, Namibe, Huila, Cunene, Cuando Cubango).

The attention of interested Consultants is drawn to Section III, paragraphs, 3.14, 3.16, and 3.17 of the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers” November 2020 (“Procurement Regulations”), setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.  

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Selection Method for Individual Consultant set out in the World Bank Procurement Regulations paragraph 7.34. 

Interested individual consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours from 08.00 to 15.00 hours. 

Expressions of interest must be delivered by email only to the address below on or before 14:00 hours, September 29, 2023

Ministério da Energia e Águas (MINEA)

Financial and Contract Management Unit (FCMU – WB/AFD)

Attention:Ms. Elsa Ramos

Rua Via S8, CondomĂ­nio DOLCE VITA, EdifĂ­cio A1, 3Âș andar, Talatona, Luanda, Angola

Tel.: +244 923 790 138 /+244 923 790 154 

E-mail: [email protected]

2 days remaining

Apply by 29 September, 2023





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