RFP: Hydro-geological and geophysical investigation for an assessment of the proposed borehole site via ReliefWeb

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ)

Dadaab, Kenya 🇰🇪

Peace Winds Japan

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is an international organization established in 1996 with a mission to provide quality humanitarian, developmental, and peace building assistance to people affected by conflicts, forced displacement, and natural disasters. With the head office in Hiroshima Japan, PWJ works through her country and regional offices in more than 20 countries worldwide to support vulnerable communities in building resilience for their self-reliant livings and improved livelihoods.

In Kenya, PWJ has over 10-years of working experience with refugees and host communities. The organisation has been working in Dadaab since 2012, and in Kakuma/Kalobeyei since 2015. PWJ is currently implementing projects in WASH, Shelter and Supply Chain in Dadaab. Recently, the organisation has recently funding from a Japanese donor for drilling borehole in Dadaab.

Terms of Reference for Hydrogeological Survey


PWJ proposes to undertaking a drought response project to support drought affected communities in Garissa County who are among the most affected by the current drought experienced in Kenya.

Co-ordinated efforts between PWJ, Ministry of Water, Energy, Environment, Climate Change and Natural resources in Garissa County led to the identification of site located in Bulla Banan, Dadaab Sub County in Garissa County as a target site for prospective borehole drilling, Equipping and associated civil works. Bulla Banan is about 3 KM North of Dadaab Town off the Garissa- Liboi Road.

Prior to the development of the new borehole, PWJ intends to engage the services of a hydro-geologist to carry out independent hydrogeological data collection and interpretation/analysis. This is aimed at recommending the prospective drilling sites for the new borehole and submission of an accurate report to guide the drilling process. The consultant is also required to acquire and deliver drilling permit to the client and conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Objective of the Assignment

The purpose of this Hydro-geological and Geophysical investigation is to carry out and complete an assessment of the proposed borehole site in Bulla Banan, Dadaab Sub County Garissa County then make recommendations for the mechanical drilling of borehole to be undertaken by Peace Winds Japan. This will go a long way to determine groundwater potential within the plot and the possibility of sinking the proposed borehole. The end goal being to establish the optimum location of the borehole suitable to provide water to the community for domestic, agriculture and livestock purposes.

The other objective is to conduct an Environmental and Impact Assessment (EIA) within the target localities to establish possible environmental and social impact for the and sinking of the borehole.

Scope of Work

The Consultant is expected to use both primary and secondary data in the exercise to ascertain ground water potential. Secondary data will involve desk study of available information/data on existing borehole, drill logs, reports and maps while primary data will be obtained by carrying out Hydro-geophysical measurements within the study area using the necessary hydro-geological surveying equipment. The specific activities shall include:

  • Sign the terms of reference with the client
  • Review of existing data, topographical maps, satellite images, existing studies and borehole site investigations in the area, geological reports and maps (if available), borehole and surface water records, e.t.c
  • Mapping out of the water supply and current ground water sources in the vicinity – establishing water demand and taking key information from existing ground water sources to determine ground water potential and water quality
  • Hydro-geological fieldwork: Detailed reconnaissance survey of project area. (GPS co-ordinates/P-codes, water level measurements, condition of these borehole, usage and performance where applicable) inspection of geological, geo-morphological and structural characteristics of the investigated area; verification of existing data and findings
  • Conduct Hydrology, using up to date tools and equipment to ascertain the hydrogeology of the project area, previous ground water development, aquifer parameters, hydraulic conductivity (K) or the ground flux, ground water discharge, as well as estimating the mean annual recharge.
  • To perform profiles in each site using suitable and quick array (wenner or schlumberger methods e.t.c)
  • Perform Geophysics relating to basic principles, and do more than three Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) within the proposed area using the using schlumberger array which distinguishes between clays and fresh water by use of Induced Polarization (IP) measurements.
  • Analyze the data aforementioned (hydrogeological/geophysical data) to assess the ground water potential in the project area.
  • Make key recommendation on the viability of a borehole to be installed to act as water sources for the Communities.
  • Check on site conditions including the availability of space for a drilling rig and other allied machineries to access the project area.
  • Select the MOST SUITABLE borehole site within the project area subject to the above results and taking into account the water quality expected and the requirements of the Water Act, WHO, and other line ministries.
  • Compile and submit to the client a comprehensive report, which shall include but not limited to all the details of the above investigations. Consultant’s recommendations on the proposed drilling site shall be produced in a soft copy and three hard copies of the geo-survey reports, of which one shall be coloured.
  • Apply for Water Resource Authority (WRA) Authorization Permit to drill by obtaining all the requisite documents and data and submitting the application to Water Resource Authority (WRA)
  • Obtain Water Resource Authority (WRA) Authorization Permits and delivery to the Client
  • Conduct an Environmental and Impact Assessment (EIA) within the target localities to establish possible environmental and social impact for the rehabilitation and solarization of a dam.
  • Compile and submit reports with recommendations.


i. Inception report

This includes the methodology and techniques to be used and work timeframe. The inception report is provided within (2) the days from the date of contract signature.

ii. Progress report

This progress report is given every week and commented by concerned PWJ Technical Officer.

iii. Final report

The report will be concise and limited to the significant hydro-geological issues. The main text will focus on background information from literature review, geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, water quality, geophysics, conclusion and recommended actions. The report will include supporting documents as necessary, e.g. summaries of the data collected and citations for any references used in interpreting those data. Annexes to the report should include a topographical map extract, borehole installation specifications and/or Borehole drilling & development specification and bills of quantities complete with cost estimates for the works.

The reports shall be presented in draft and final version to the client.

The outline of the report should preferably follow the format below:

  • Executive summary
  • Introduction/Back ground (review of previous studies and environmental background
  • Terms of reference
  • Geology, Hydrology & Hydrogeology (incl. inventory of borehole and other water points, methods of investigations, including Geophysical Techniques)
  • Detailed resistivity/IP survey (Wenner & VES) to delineate the productive aquifer
  • Aquifer potential; sustainable yield & Water quality
  • Proposed digging/drilling site
  • Proposed digging/drilling method, and its applicability.
  • Specifications for the digging/drilling procedure and installation works
  • Environmental impact and protection
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Appendix
  • Addendum
  • References

Recommendations will be given on the most suitable site for borehole drilling, the required depth, water quality, design and installation details, and other relevant aspects. Based on the available hydro-geological and geophysical data, an assessment of the anticipated chances of success shall be made for the site.

The hydro-geological report will give a detailed map delineating the investigated area, geology, aquifer properties (where known), location of measurements, and recommended drilling site. In addition, pictures taken during the actual field activity shall be included in the report.

All geophysical data, including its interpretation will be produced as an appendix to the final report.

iv. Water Resource Authority (WRA) authorization permit

v. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (EIA) report.


The assignment is expected to take a maximum of 30 days which includes desk-review, preparation, implementation, report-writing and obtaining permits.

Consultant Requirements (Qualifications, professional experience and equipment)

  • The Consulting Firm hired must fulfil the following requirements:
  • Must be a registered legal entity with a valid registration certificate. Registration documents showing the firm is a registered with NEMA as EIA Expert and Ministry of Water as Hydro-geologist.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience with a demonstrable ability in Environmental/hydro-geological surveys
  • Proof of availability of all the equipment required to perform the survey.
  • Particulars of the consulting firm including curriculum vitae of the proposed experts and personnel to be included in the execution of the assignment. The lead experts must meet the following requirements
  1. B.SC Geology/Hydrology/Environment
  2. Master’s Degree in a relevant field will be beneficial
  3. Registered Hydrogeologist
  4. Registered EIA expert
  5. Have a current practicing certificate
  6. Have at least 10 years’ experience in similar works
  • Must submit an updated CV.
  • Must provide a list of previous surveys with contacts of the clients.

The Financial and Technical Proposal

  1. The financial proposal

The Consultant will be fully responsible for recruitment, contracting and payment of costs for all the study team members involved at all levels, except otherwise stated by PWJ.

PWJ will be responsible for their own costs such as meals, accommodation, and arranging for transportation to/from the field. If the consultant will can make separate arrangement, it should be stated in the proposal. Financial proposal to have the following:

1. Summary of costs

2. Breakdown of fees per items of work and activities.

3. Any miscellaneous expenses.

The consultant quoted Prices should be inclusive of 16% Value Added Tax (VAT).

Both Technical and Financial Proposal to be submitted as one document





Unit Cost


To conduct Hydrogeological survey in Bulla Banan

Obtain Water Resource Authority (WRA) Authorization Permits (drilling permit)

To conduct an Environmental and Impact Assessment (EIA) for the project


Duration: 1 Month Assignment

Survey Duty Station: Dadaab-Garissa County in North Eastern-Kenya

Date of Publication: 01-April-2023

Deadline of Application: 07-April-2023

How to apply

To be considered, interested candidates are invited to apply via tenders@peace-winds.or.ke




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