Photography Competition: Focus on Water

Minority Rights Group International (MRG)


Minority Rights Group International (MRG) invites photography contributions for its flagship Minority and Indigenous Trends publication, which this year focuses on the theme of water. The winning photo will be placed on the cover of this year’s edition, and a spread explaining the story of the image and the photographer will be included. To see previous editions, click here

This is the first time MRG is running a photography competition for its annual report. This year’s issue is devoted entirely to the subject of water as it relates to the rights of ethnic, religious and linguistic minority and indigenous communities worldwide.​  

With over a million readers globally, MRG’s publications are an essential resource for individuals and groups interested in human rights, advocacy, policy, network building and political decision-making. Our hope is that the cover of this publication will shine light on a powerful form of storytelling from the perspectives of minority and indigenous photographers. For this reason, this call seeks submissions from photographers who self-identify as minority or indigenous. 

Award: The photographer of the winning photograph will be awarded 1,000 GBP.  

In scope

  • Submissions that focus on issues regarding minorities and/or indigenous peoples and fresh water. Submissions reflecting experiences of intersectional identities (e.g. persons with disabilities from minority and/or indigenous communities) are also within scope
  • Submissions reflecting on one or more of the following themes in relation to water:  
Access Sanitation  Pollution Scarcity Floods Conflict Infrastructure Use Governance  Culture 

Out of scope

  • Topics that reflect on issues related to salt water (e.g. oceans) will not be considered
  • Images that do not portray people
  • Photos that are not confirmed to have documented consent of persons photographed

 Photo requirements

  • Resolution: at least 300 dpi and 2,400 x 3000 pixels. For more information on dimensions, see this guide 
  • Submissions must be in colour, not black and white
  • Photos submitted must have been taken since 1 January 2022. Photos taken earlier will not be considered

What will be assessed

  • Photography techniques used
  • Creativity in storytelling
  • How minority and/or indigenous persons in the photo are represented
  • The extent to which at least one of the ten themes listed as ‘in scope’ above is reflected
  • The balance between people, water and the theme(s)  
  • Timeliness of the image
  • Respect shown towards the dignity of the person(s) depicted


  • Photographers must self-identify as minority or indigenous  
  • Must be at least 18 years old at the time of submission 


Once all submissions are received, MRG’s Communications department will do an initial shortlisting to a maximum on 15 images. From there, an external panel of judges with expertise in photography, journalism, water issues, and minority and indigenous rights will assess the shortlisted images and make a selection on the winning photo.  

The panel assessing the final shortlisting will be announced by the end of March 2023. 

Deadline: 16 April 2023, 23:59 British Summer Time (BST) 

To enter a submission, fill out the form below.



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