Individual Consultant to Facilitate Recruitment and Selection of Nile River Basin Investment Program Expert (NR-BIP).

Nile Basin Initiative (NBI)

Entebbe, Uganda 🇺🇬

The Nile River Basin Investment Program is a high-visibility flagship regional program of jointly identified transformative investment projects that are aimed at driving climate-resilient socio-economic development of the Nile River Basin while reversing environmental degradation within its watershed. The NR-BIP embraces a broader perspective of the role of river basins in fostering regional peace and socio-economic development.NBI intends to establish the BIP Program Coordination function at Nile-SEC. The core functions will involve: (i) BIP Strategy Development, (ii) Coordination of BIP portfolio development and project selection (iii) support for the BIP Steering Mechanisms (iv) Support to Resources Mobilization, Communicating & Marketing (v) BIP Monitoring and Reporting
The objective of this assignment is to design and implement a competitive, transparent and fair process for selection of the most suitable candidate to fill the vacancy of Nile River Basin Investment Program Expert (NR-BIP) at the Nile-SEC.





IHE Delft Institute for Water Education - MSc in Water and Sustainable Development