PhD: Closing nutrient flows with algal technologies and the associated microbiological risks

University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮

Algal technologies, as one of the many nature-based solutions, are experiencing intense advances in wastewater treatment (e.g., contaminants of emerging concern, pathogens, multidrug-resistant bacteria, nutrients) and simultaneous resource recovery for agricultural use (algal biomass is considered an organic fertilizer as it contains micro- and macronutrients). This requires the development and scientific evaluation of the potential of algal technologies for water reuse and the production of organic fertilizers and biostimulants while reducing potential environmental and health risks.

Join our interdisciplinary research group with a broad national and international network. Work on national and international projects on nature-based solutions and reuse of resources. You will have the opportunity to network and integrate in different consortia to present your work in an international scientific and local professional environment, which is important for further career development.

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