PhD: Nature-based solutions for circular water management

University of Ljubljana

Ljubljana, Slovenia 🇸🇮

The Department of Environmental Civil Engineering of the UL FGG has a 4-year PhD position available in the field of urban water management. The candidate will be trained within the Research Program Water Science and Technology and Geotechnical Engineering: Tools and Methods for Process Analyses and Simulations, and Development of Technologies.

The research topic for the open PhD position is focused on further development of nature-based solutions for circular water management, including multifunctional technologies at building scale like green walls and green roofs, as well as solutions for sustainable urban water management at city scale. Depending on the background of the candidate the PhD topic can cover and specialize in green walls and green roofs technology with multiple functions including (waste)water treatment i.e.: research on optimal substrates, setups, regime flows etc. or in the field of urban drainage including modelling (water quantity and quality) of the urban water cycle to optimize the use of nature-based solutions, with emphasis on evaluating the impacts on existing urban water infrastructure.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Natasa Atanasova, [email protected]






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