Local recruitment: South Fork Tolt Fish & Aquatic Resource Specialist

Seattle City Light

Seattle, WA, USA 🇺🇸

The South Fork Tolt Fish and Aquatic Resource Specialist is part of a team providing technical support for natural resource science, permitting, and policy work for City Light. This position will play a key role in obtaining a new Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) license for the South Fork Tolt Hydroelectric Project (Project) to be issued in 2029, assist in the implementation of the current FERC Project license, and support/secure other environmental compliance processes associated with the Project as needed. The work of this position is as a Key Advisor and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in fish and aquatic resources, responsible for developing and directing the technical fish and aquatic studies needed to relicense the Project, translating the results of those studies into appropriate mitigation for Project impacts, making recommendations based on City Light’s policies, representing this work when attending external stakeholder meetings, and reporting results to City Light and Seattle Public Utilities leadership as needed. In addition, this position will support the License Manager in leading City Light’s Endangered Species Act (ESA) fish research and monitoring work in the Tolt Watershed.

This position will also serve as a City Light representative in selected fish protection/restoration forums including, but not limited to, those organized to promote the recovery and persistence of healthy salmon populations in the Pacific Northwest that are consistent with City Light’s mission. It provides leadership, focus, and direction in fish and aquatic resources in the Tolt watershed to City department teams, particularly those related to the Project’s current license and relicensing effort. Will advise City department leadership, resource managers, decision-makers, and other project managers in matters of aquatic resource protection, fish species recovery, and aquatic habitat restoration in the Tolt Project watershed. To fulfill these responsibilities, this position works closely with City Light’s system operations, engineers and operators, Seattle Public Utilities Water Management Group, natural resource agencies, and Tribes as well as local salmon and watershed conservation organizations to ensure that Project operations protect downstream fish and aquatic resources in a manner that is consistent with City Light’s environmental policy.

This is a six-year term limited with benefits position. This position will be reporting to the Science Policy Manager in the Environment, Land, and Licensing Business Unit.






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