Postdoc in Geography

Lund University

Lund, Sweden 🇸🇪


In collaboration with Handelsbanken’s Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse, the Department of Human and Economic Geography, Lund University announces a three-year postdoc scholarship.

The position (100 ) involves research (minimum 70) and teaching at all levels (max 30%).

The successful candidate is expected to conduct and publish research in geography and will occupy an important role in the department’s research initiatives within the thematic framework of this postdoctoral position, including some administrative work. We are seeking candidates with an interest in the interaction of economic geography, sustainability and socioenvironmental issues. Particularly, this position will concern developing research on the links between climate change adaptation and innovation in the agriculture sector of Skåne.

Applicants should have obtained their PhD degree within three years to the application date, in geography or related areas. The position is for an international researcher, i.e. a person holding a PhD from a university outside Sweden.

• Demonstrated ability to conduct relevant research of high international quality

• Demonstrated ability to collaborate in projects and networks and attract external research funding

• Demonstrated ability to conduct field and qualitative research

• Expertise in the area of sustainability and agricultural innovation

• Knowledge of Swedish (preferred)

• Pedagogical ability; training and experience in teaching

The application shall be written in English and shall include the following:
• Cover sheet with contact information;

• Curriculum Vitae, with publication list, and names and contact details of at least 2-3 personal referees (maximum two pages);

• Copies of original degree certificates;

• Selected publications (maximum of five).

• Description of the applicant’s expertise at the intersection of sustainability and agricultural innovation, including reflections on methods and fieldwork (maximum 2 pages).

• Description of how the applicant would develop their research in relation to the focus of the position: the links between climate change adaptation and innovation in the agriculture sector of Skåne (maximum one page);


The researcher is funded through a full-time scholarship stipend for 3 years, with a possibility of prolongation for another 3 years. The scholarship provides SEK 610.000 SEK per year for full-time research, covering the cost of living (SEK 460.000), insurance / pension (SEK 100.000), and expenses (SEK 50.000). The scholarship covers salary, social security, office space, computer and IT support.

The position requires that the candidate should be present at the Department for most of the scholarship period. However, a period up to six months may be spent as guest researcher at other universities in Sweden or outside Sweden.

August 14th 2023, or by agreement.

The Department of Human Geography, with about 60 staff, 400 full-time students and about 20 doctoral
students, combines ancient traditions with modern and highly internationalised research and education.
The Department is one of the most research-intensive departments in the Faculty, with a high level of
external funding. In the most recent international evaluations (RQ 08 and RQ 20) of Lund University, the
Department’s research was rated as excellent in several areas. This strong position has developed further
and the Department is ranked number 23 in the world according to QS 20, making it one of Lund
University’s highest ranked disciplinary domains in 2022.

The Department of Human Geography combines a strong subject tradition with modern and
internationally high-quality research and education. The Department has extensive international
collaborations as well as strong networks and contacts within and outside the faculty at LU. Key research
and teaching areas are economic geography, development geography, urban and social geography, human
ecology and GIS.

The post-doc will also be affiliated to CIRCLE, an interdisciplinary research centre for innovation studies,and houses academics from three faculties at Lund university: social science faculty, FEK (economics) and LTH (technical faculty). The uniting factor is an interest in innovation as a broadly defined research area, atheme which will be specified in the advertisement along with climate friendly regional development, in order to attract a researcher who will fit well into the two research environments.






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