Local recruitment: Regional Program Director, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

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With over 70 years of experience, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds, even in the most dangerous places, inspired by our Christian faith.

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Employee Contract Type:Local – Fixed Term Employee (Fixed Term)

Job Description:

The position will provide leadership in WASH programming across the region to contribute to child wellbeing. It will define the technical guidance, standards for technical approaches and programs to enhance ministry performance aligned to our Promise, WASH Core project model, Global WASH business plan, SDGs and to  WASH global industry practice. The position will also to work with other regional functional directors, Global Center , Support Offices and National Offices and resource development teams to mobilize adequate resources to effectively scale up WASH programs in the region.

The role is responsible for External engagement and strategic partnerships for advocacy, policy influence and resource development in the WASH sector. The position will also provide leadership in technical oversight, planning, risk management, mainstreaming and scaling up of evidence-based practices throughout the East Africa region. In addition, it will provide thought leadership, evidence and learning on WASH within a multi sector collaborative approach to enhance child wellbeing. The role will collaborate with WVUS program managers and other WASH officers from support offices. The role will have a matrix reporting to  the Senior Director of Global WASH operations.

Major Responsibilities


Strategic  Leadership:

  • Ensure WASH programming is in alignment with Our WASH Core Project Model, Global WASH Business Plan and global sector standards (SDGs etc).
  • Ensure National Office (NO) technical approaches focus on child well-being.
  • Coordinate implementation of the technical guidance, WASH business plan and conduct regular performance review of the targets set as part of the Global Business paln and WASH sector score card.
  • Coordinate the measurement of impact of interventions of WASH on Child Well-Being Outcomes(CWBO) and targets
  • Engage and support in regional priority implementation and measurement processes
  • Engage and support SOs in regional investment allocation decisions for WASH
  • Ensure that support to National Offices is included in the   Organizational Capacity building Plans (OCP).


Technical Oversight and Support:

  • Provide technical oversight and support to major WASH initiatives in the region.
  • Provide leadership in mainstreaming, integration and scaling up evidenced based best practices in WASH
  • Provide technical support in the development, adaptation and scaling up of project models and approaches that contribute to specific child well-being outcomes
  • Work in collaboration with F&D to roll out the WASH and F&D guidelines.
  • Supporting NO programming, quality assurance of WASH projects/programmes management, review expenditure reports for NO WASH grant & sponsorship projects to advice accordingly.
  • Monitor  WASH programs in the region by providing direction, input and feedback to ensure effective and efficient program delivery
  • Monitor and support Risk management and mitigation for WASH projects in collaboration with the Regional Risk management officer.
  • Coordinate well-planned integrated approaches to building skills and expertise in NOs

Resource Development

Prepositioning work:

  • Explore potential funding sources for WASH programming to support Regional Offices, National Offices and work with appropriate staff on these opportunities.
  • Work with NOs and SOs to develop a sustainable pipeline of WASH grants,
  • Work with Regional Resource Development & National Offices to maintain strong WASH donor relationships at regional level, developing WASH engagement strategies for each donor or a group of donors
  • Provide technical support to Regional Resource Development Unit and in NOs during prepositioning meetings with bilateral, multilaterals, foundations and Public Private Partners
  • Monitor the WASH donor competitive landscape; provide support and guidance to NOs in development of WASH capacity statements aligned to Technical Approaches (TAs) and Technical Programmes (TPs) to be utilized during prepositioning meetings with donors.
  • Collaborate with the EAR Resource Development Unit (RDU), NOs and SO to support resource development for WASH programming

Grant Acquisition:

  • Provide technical assistance for WASH project design work in the region, working to ensure that National Offices have adequate public and private funding to scale up high quality programming.
  • Work with Support Office and NO WASH teams, and other regional ministry and functions to ensure that large-scale grants and other specially funded initiatives are implemented in alignment with WV models, and that they achieve best practice standards of programming as well as financial accountability
  • Provide support in the development of multi country WASH proposals


External Engagement:

  • Coordinate engagement and frontline work for WASH sector  in the region.
  • Establish and strengthen linkages and networks with  leading institutions, governments and other organizations to establish formal or informal partnerships 
  • Support significant NO-level donor and technical partner engagements
  • Represent WV in global, regional and national WASH events, conferences, fora, seminars and technical working groups
  • Effectively communicate  program impacts, successes and challenges with stakeholders, donors and partners to increase the visibility of  WASH within the region.


Evidence and learning:

  • Coordinate the documentation, publication and dissemination of promising practices
  • Promote adoption and scale up of promising practices, project models and innovations
  • Facilitate cross learning between NOs, learning from Support Offices (SO), other regions and peer organizations
  • Engage research institutions and universities in mission critical /operational research to solve key problems/issues identified in communities
  • Conduct operations research studies and pilots, documentation and ensure dissemination of lessons learned to members of the Communities of Practice (CoP), regional and international forum. 
  • Organize annual forum as a learning and innovation event


Collaboration and cross functional work:

  • Participate in the global WASH community of practice and major WASH networks in the region. 
  • Strengthen the WASH community of practice (CoP) in EAR through the establishment and running of the regional chapter
  • Mobilize technical expertise across the region through GTRN, ensuring effective knowledge management, learning and continuous improvement of programming in the region.
  • Collaborate with regional Disaster management/HEA to monitor situations and make recommendations for WASH in emergencies or related actions
  • Collaborate with key regional entities on defined collaboration matrix and joint projects
  • Participate in Regional disaster management team (RDMT) and support NO technical teams participation in National disaster management teams (NDMTs)
  • Collaborate with HEA for joint actions in early warning, emergency preparedness and response.


Other responsibilities:

  • Carry out additional responsibilities as may be required.


  • Master’s degree required in international relief and development, behavior change, engineering or business, plus related professional work experience
  • Must have at least 10 years relevant experience in WASH programming in developing countries.
  • Expertise in developing strategy, fundraising and cross sectoral integration. Experience in working in a complex political and operational environment/fragile context is preferred.
  • Experience leading and managing a professional technical team. Demonstrated experience in leading research and evaluation for evidence and learning.
  • Significant bi-lateral, multi-lateral donor grant experience with program design, implementation, funding acquisition and reporting.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Theory of change and logical framework development
  • Technical writing Hygiene and behavior change programming
  • Experience in WASH in Emergencies
  • Interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Experience in Civil works will be an added advantage
  • Networking and collaborating skills
  • Presentation and communications skills
  • Demonstrate World Vision’s Core Capabilities
  • Experience in East Africa, program in fragile contexts
  • Professional experience in training/capacity building
  • Research and evaluation experience Multi-sectoral/integrated program design and implementation

Work Environment:

The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 30% of the time.  

Applicant Types Accepted: Local Applicants Only





IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development