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How to perpetuate nature in the city?

Vertuo is a young startup that responds precisely to this challenge.

Greening our cities is a priority but achieving it is not so simple!

Vertuo has created an innovative and bio-inspired process which consists of recreating the water cycle in the city for an aesthetic and sustainable nature, including in an urban context with little land.

We bring 4 major added values to cities:

1) a patented module that has the greatest water autonomy on the market

2) an ideal growing medium for plants, maintaining constant humidity and therefore optimal urban cooling potential

3) a local and wild plant palette for less maintenance

4) a low-tech set that is low-maintenance and durable for plants that save time

Vertuo markets 3 main families of products :

– Urban bocage : prefabricated modules that fit into the profiles of roads , sidewalks, squares

– Oasis : street furniture connected to downspouts ( bottom of gutters )

– Hanging gardens : planters with record water autonomy to effectively and sustainably green balconies and terraces

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We want to be recognized for 3 know-how for cities in the world :

– Urban hydrology

– Botany adapted to the city and its challenges (aesthetics, refreshment)

– Design

Concretely, our solution represents : a volume of water, a volume of land separated by a porous membrane and effective planting in its ecosystem.

An important part of our work consists in properly sizing our customizable systems according to local rainfall, according to urban hydrology, according to the climate, according to the objective sought by the client…

The role of our hydrologist is to become the expert of this dimensioning, he works both in R&D, in forecasts and on concrete projects that feed him – he must have one foot in reality and in the projection of what our solutions will be for tomorrow.

The Vertuo hydrologist : takes in hand our current solutions, masters them on the hydraulic level and is force of proposal to improve their hydraulic design

The Vertuo Hydrologist : is able to put into perspective the climatic data of a region (rainfall, winds, temperatures) to model a Vertuo installation, recommend the ideal sizing and extreme cases (water stress, floods, fifty-year, hundred-year rains, etc.)

The Vertuo hydrologist : is able to synthesize a large number of climatic data and similar cases to create “ regions” virtual solutions in which our solutions can have the same behaviors, even the same impacts (temperature cooling, watering autonomy, reduction of the risk of flooding)

This synthesis will give rise to an algorithm that will help Vertuo teams in their dimensioning of modules for customer requests.

The Vertuo hydrologist : once the Vertuo technology has been mastered, is able to identify and define a monitoring protocol, data acquisition for scientific elements that are lacking if necessary – protocol which can be followed in the near future by a trainee / internship.

This is a key role within Vertuo, a real hydrologist CTO capable of doing R&D and providing support in day-to-day projects as well. ; able to evolve towards the international market according to our development.

A follow-up by an external hydrologist expert can be envisaged punctually to challenge the calculations, decisions.




IHE Delft MSc in Water and Sustainable Development