Post-Doctoral researcher on attributing detected changes in hydrological series

Maynooth University

Kildare, Ireland 🇮🇪

Job Title :Post Doctoral ResearcherDepartment :Geography
Vacancy ID :020181Closing Date :26-Feb-2023

Maynooth University is committed to a strategy in which the primary University goals of excellent research and scholarship and outstanding education are interlinked and equally valued.

We are seeking a Post-Doctoral researcher to work on the EPA funded HydroDARE project. Working with Prof Conor Murphy (Geography/ICARUS) and Dr. Niamh Cahill (Maths/ICARUS) the successful candidate will develop and evaluate approaches for attributing detected changes in hydrological series. Attribution is central to sustainable catchment management and climate change adaptation. HydroDARE aims to bring together state of the art approaches to attribution and evaluate their applicability in different contexts and situations of differing data availability. HydroDARE frames attribution in the context of multiple working hypotheses of drivers of detected change to ensure all plausible drivers are considered. The project then develops datasets on key drivers (including land use change, drainage, water use, climate variability and change) with three approaches to attribution developed: 1) Empirical approaches and the use of non-stationary and panel regression to detect and attribute change; 2) Simulation based approaches to attribution; 3) use of paired catchments and reference networks for attribution. Each approach has different levels of complexity, necessary expertise and data requirements. By applying approaches to the same catchment sample HydroDARE will evaluate insights and conclusions offered by each and develop guidance and recommendations to advance and consolidate attribution science and inform integration into catchment management and climate services for hydrology.


Post-Doctoral Researcher (2022):         €41, 209 p.a. pro-rata (Point 1)

Appointments will be made in accordance with public sector pay provisions.

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