Dam Safety Panel of Experts (DSPE), Hydrology and Hydraulic Specialist

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Dam Safety Panel of Experts (DSPE)

Hydrology and Hydraulic Specialist

COUNTRY – Republic of Kosovo

NAME OF PROJECT– Fostering and Leveraging Opportunities for Water Security Project (FLOWS)

ASSIGMENT TITLE: Dam Safety Panel of Experts (DSPE), Hydrology and Hydraulic Specialist

IDA Credit No. 6636-XK

Project ID No. 169150

Reference number: FLOWS-CS-IC-11

Issued on: February 02, 2023

Fostering and Leveraging Opportunities for Water Security Program (FLOWS), P169150 is the project that will be implemented by the loan agreement No. 6636-XK between Republic of Kosovo and World Bank-International Development Agency, with the objective of strengthen national capacity for managing water security, and improve water security in Morava e Binces basin. The objective of the Project is to strengthen national capacity for managing Kosovo’s water resources for water security, and in selected basin areas, improve integrated land and water resource management practices and services, in a resilient manner.  

The actual phase i.e. the first phase project will finance the technical, social and environmental studies to allow a more detailed appraisal for the second phase project. A foreseen key activity in the second phase project is construction of a storage reservoir in the “Kike-Kremenata” hydro-System (not currently appraised).

The project aims, among other, to support key infrastructure with the core investment preparation being the ‘KikeKremenata’ hydrosystem and its auxiliary infrastructures, along with investments for drinking water and irrigation services.

Kosovo Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure has engaged a consulting firm to review the 1983 detailed design of Kremenata reservoir and update hydrological and social economic inputs needed to inform the redesign of a new reservoir. The World Bank team has reviewed the findings and advised on next design steps as well as the detailed social and environmental assessments. Experienced consulting firms will conduct feasibility studies and develop detailed designs, and technical inputs from the independent Dam Safety Panel will be integrated in all design steps.

The project also aims to restore rigorous dam safety surveillance and improve the operations of reservoirs in Kosovo in compliance with the Environmental and Social Standards (ESS). It will finance the assessments, equipment, and training for institutionalizing dam safety surveillance measures which will reduce the risk of dam failures (and the associated flooding) and protect/expand essential water storage capacity for the country. These activities will include (a) assessments and training for dam safety surveillance programs, (b) investments in dam safety surveillance equipment to improve dam operation, and (c) a dam safety panel to ensure sustainability of dam operations improvement and safety management practices.

Selection and prioritization of activities will be informed by a dam operations improvement and safety management program conducted during project preparation, which includes climate changerelated criteria.

Objective of the Consultancy

The overall objective of the DSPE is to provide independent review and recommendations to the (Client) for ensuring that sustainability of dam operations and safety issues are adequately addressed in terms of design, construction, operation and maintenance as required by the Dam Safety Safeguard Policy (OP4.37) of the World Bank. More specifically, the OP 4.37 requires that any dam that can influence the performance of the project or affect safety and performance downstream of the project area must be identified, its safety must be assessed, and necessary dam safety measures, remedial works and actions are identified and implemented.

The purpose to establish a DSPE, its objectives and scope of services are guided primarily by these needs. The intent is to establish one DSPE that can be instrumental in reviewing a number of projects with the Client, with one harmonized ToR (but under separate funding arrangements and contracts). Each contract ToR will then spell out which elements and specific conditions apply to the assignment.

The safety assessment of the Dams and associated structures will be carried out in line with the relevant regulations of the Government as well as the international technical standards, such as International Commission of Large Dams. In addition, DSPE will provide the Client with recommendations on detailed design, bidding document, construction plan, implementation schedule, etc.  

The main scope and input of the PoE will be advisory in nature and in no way detracts from or substitutes for the expertise, resources, or responsibilities of the dam owners or the agencies and staff responsible for design and operation of the dams or the project consultants. In both the preparation and the implementation phases, the panel’s purview is strictly limited to safety matters, and does not extend to financial or economic issues, selection of alternative designs, construction phasing, or any other features of the facilities except where safety is involved.

DSPE will be established at the basic design phase for KikeKremenata’ Dam, and will continue throughout the project for oversight on all dam safety aspects, for the subprojects related to the 6 dams and reservoirs in Kosovo, to be financed under this World Bank project.

The below tasks in this ToR include, but are not limited to overall dam safety guidance on the abovementioned activities.

The detailed Terms of Reference (TOR) for the assignment: Dam Safety Panel of Experts (DSPE) Hydrology and Hydraulic Specialist, can be obtained at the address given below


Scope of Services

The DSPE is expected to consist of three/four (3/4) members: (i) dam specialist (dam engineering design and construction) / Chairperson, (ii) hydrology and hydraulics specialist, (iii) geotechnical specialist, and (iv) hydro electrical and mechanical specialist.  In addition to the four experts, other experts, subject to actual requirements, can be mobilized for implementing specialized review.

The Client will organize periodic working missions of the DSPE at the dam sites depending on requirements in each phase of project implementation. The Client will provide DSPE with documents, information and data required for safety review in coordination with consultants and contractors.

The DSPE will prepare and sign a Report before completion of each mission. The Report should indicate issues to be paid attention to and propose recommendations. The Chairperson (Dam Specialist) will be responsible for coordinating activities of the DSPE, presiding at meetings, making final decisions and preparing the DSPE’s Reports.

These Terms of Reference define the responsibilities, tasks and requirements for an Hydrology and Hydraulic Specialist needed to support the Chairperson to assist and support in full filling the DSPE’s duties.

Qualifications, Required Expertise, and Experience

The Hydrology & Hydraulic Specialist should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • An advanced degree in Hydrology, Hydraulics, Water Resources or related field or other relevant majors,
  • Minimum 20 years of international experience in relevant professional works,
  • Having worked as a hydrologist and hydraulic design expert in planning, designing, bid preparation and construction of large dams including concrete dams,
  • Top notch expertise and experience in rock scouring assessment and energy dissipation design of large dams,
  • Extensive experience in hydrological and hydraulic aspects of cost estimation, construction plan and schedule for large-scale or complex dam projects.
  • Extensive experience of hydrological and hydraulic aspects of dam safety planning, instrumentation and monitoring.

Implementation Duration and Contract:

  1. The work schedule and milestones will be agreed with the government/MESPI in coordination with other relevant agencies after appointment. Members of the DSPE are expected to conduct a mission including sites visit in general twice for an estimated duration of 5 days per mission.
  2. The DSPE will be maintained on an on-call basis throughout the project to provide technical review and guidance to ensure that the sustainability of dam(s) operations and safety issues are adequately addressed.
  3.  The services of the DSPE are envisaged to start in February 2023 for an initial period of 40 working days. Duration of involvement up to end of project, cca 48 month.
  4. At the request of the government, DSPE members may provide technical support at their home offices and through video/audio conferences.   

Selection process

Experienced and qualified individuals will be selected under the provisions of the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for Investment Project Financing (IPF) Borrowers, July 2016, and revised Nov 2017 following open competitive selection process.

The evaluation and shortlisting criteria are:

Qualification: 30 %

Similar experience in the past: 70%

Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours: 09:00 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday).

Detailed CV and other relevant documents of candidates must be delivery by email:  to address below lates on February 20, 2023 at 16:00 hours Kosovo time.

FLOW Project

Address:” Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti 2/2 nr:31

10000, Prishtina, Kosovo,

Email: aselmani.flows@gmail.com





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