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Take a peek at the role!

The main task is to maintain and develop the existing Smartvatten technology based on the data retrieved from the products and our customers worldwide. Additionally, you’ll have a chance to involve yourself in and support the development of new services according to our growth strategy. The content of your role may partly form and further develop according to your background and interests, as well as raising business needs. Get to use your expertise and motivation in data analysis to find the solutions to serve our customers better. Support and work closely with sales, productization, and development the existing and new products and services.

As the business grows, so will the team size and scope, which can mean new exciting areas to explore and paths to walk. Thus, we hope to welcome someone thriving in a growth company environment with an explorer mindset to our team.

Who will exceed this role?

  • You have more or 2 years of working experience as a Data Scientist
  • Interest in statistics, machine learning, and /or algorithms
  • Background in a data warehouse, Google Cloud / Azure, MongoDB / Big Data
  • Able to work independently and proactively, communicate in Finnish at C1-C2 level plus clearly in English
  • Have a passion for development and problem-solving

Why us?

We offer you a key position in a financially stable technology growth company. Your work will directly impact the success of the business and the preservation of one of the most precious natural resources, water!

You’ll enjoy the ultimate support from your team and all Smartvattenians across the globe. Our job satisfaction is measured systematically and keeps hitting high rates (4,33/5)! The most appreciated benefits include an employee investment program enabling you to become an owner. Also, the Auntie wellbeing service is a proactive measure to boost your success. According to your role and location, you may also qualify for other benefits such as phone and internet connection, pension contribution plan, or a sports hour. We also have excellent industry-specific references of leading property owners and property managers:

Want to apply? Our recruitment processes:

  1. Be ready for a potential call with the recruiter (15-20minutes)
  2. TL’s official interview with Jusa Isopahkala, Chief Technology Officer (30 mins)
  3. Ask the team anything session for you to get to know the team
  4. Sign the contract, and start date 1.4.2023

Additional information:

  1. The team is located in Kokkola, and the role is fully remote
  2. The team consists of eleven professionals that are happy to welcome you!
  3. Monthly salary is negotiable
  4. Potential 2023 project: Renew Smartvatten online service and many more.

You can go ahead and apply now at If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact

About us

The Smartvatten team consists of enthusiastic professionals who take pride in continuously developing and sharing their expertise for a sustainable future. Working with Smartvatten is not just about leadership, teamwork, and a positive attitude. It means you care about the environment, our planet, and the people living on it. Together with our clients and coworkers, we’re building a water-efficient future.

Smartvatten is a fast-growing company aiming to be the world’s leading provider of water-efficiency SaaS technology for the real state and water utility sector. Our remote monitoring services reduce water consumption, water-related energy consumption, financial costs, and C02 emissions. Allowing us to help over 10 000 property owners in 22 countries across Europe reach their sustainability goals.

We operate in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, and Germany and are over 100 Smartvattenians. Our mindset is “happy employee, great results” since our dedication consists of building a more sustainable future together with mutual support by encouraging employees to share their ideas openly with trust.

We seek to get to know the real you and help you explore and grow whatever you’re fantastic at!





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