Water and Sanitation Regulatory Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Timor-Leste 🇹🇱

Expertise: Water and Sanitation Regulatory Specialist
Expertise Group: Project Management/ Institutional Development

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: Water and Sanitation Regulatory Specialist

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Timor-Leste Strategic Development Plan (SDP) 2011–2030 and SDG 6 mention that access to safe
drinking water and sanitation infrastructures is vital for the economic and social development of Timor-
Leste. Many benefits will rise from investments in water supply and sanitation sector, namely in health,
education, economic, private sector development and tourism among others.

To reach the SDP targets and SDG 6, the Government of Timor-Leste has established a new public water
utility (Bee Timor Leste – BTL), and a new Regulatory body “National Authority for Water and Sanitation
Public Institute” (ANAS) to provide independent oversight of the utility. Via Decree Law 38-2020, the
Committee of Ministers (CoM) established the water supply and sanitation Regulatory Authority as a
Public Institute.

The objectives of the Regulatory Authority, as described in the Decree Law include (amongst other
1) Assisting the Government in designing water management, water supply and sanitation policy
2) Propose to the Government the approval of regulatory standards for water management, water supply and
sanitation sector
3) Regulate water supply and sanitation services for urban wastewater and the quality of services
provided to users by management bodies
To ensure the new Regulatory Authority is effective in delivering its objectives, it is necessary that
the Authority is appropriately resourced and managed, establishes and implements appropriate regulatory
structures to control water and sanitation activities across Timor-Leste.

Scope of Work

The Water and Sanitation Regulatory Specialist is responsible for (i) supporting the establishment of
ANAS, including supporting the establishment of policies and procedures that enable ANAS to operate
effectively as a regulator (ii) supporting activities to communicate the role of ANAS to the community,
and (iii) supporting the development and implementation of regulatory arrangements.

The Water Regulatory Specialist is expected to closely liaise with Government policy makers, BTL, and
other utilities to establish ANAS as an efficient and effective water regulator.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The Water and Sanitation Regulatory Specialist is required to advise Government and the installation
committee on matters related to the services scope. In particular, the specialist will

i. Define the regulatory, institutional and policy framework for the water supply sector.
ii. Define minimum standards related to the provision of water services in Timor Leste, and a penalty
system and process that supports the delivery of these standards
iii. Define necessary (context appropriate) regulatory arrangements, and describe how these arrangements
shall be operated such that BTL can remain efficient and effective over time. This shall include an
approach to regulate boreholes and establishing an appropriate framework/approach to water resource
iv. Produce a strategic “roadmap” which describes and schedules the above tasks over the next 5 years.
This roadmap must describe actions, timing, resources, risks/mitigations, responsibilities of key
personnel, and milestone outputs and outcomes. The roadmap must be endorsed by the CoM (or equivalent
senior Government leadership)
v. Oversee the development of regulatory service pricing arrangements which ensure that BTL has a robust
plan to achieve its goals, and the SDG goals.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The Water and Sanitation Regulatory Specialist should have: (i) tertiary bachelor and master degree in
economics, engineering or a relevant field; (ii) at least 20 years’ experience in a regulated water
industry with 10 years’ executive experience within a utility regulator (iii) proficiency in English,
proficiency in Portuguese and/or Tetum is an asset; (iv) motivation and willingness to work directly
with the Government and BTL; and (v) willingness to undertake site visit(s) to and within Timor-Leste
fulfilling all the Government health requirements for COVID-19 prevention

Minimum General Experience: 20 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 10 Years





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