Local recruitment: Engineering Geologist (JC-330414)

California State Water Resources Control Board

Los Angeles, CA, USA 🇺🇸

To be considered for this position, you must apply at CalCareers.ca.gov. To apply you must first, create a CalCareers account. Once your account is created you can search 330414 to locate the job posting and apply. Note: This position will no longer be available on CalCareers after the job closes on 2/15/2023. No applications will be accepted after the job closing date.

Positions at the Water Boards may be eligible for telework with in-person attendance based on the operational needs of the position. Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, applying electronically is highly encouraged.

The Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board has an opening for an Engineering Geologist in the Stormwater Compliance and Enforcement Unit. The position is located at 320 West 4th Street Suite 200, Los Angeles, California in the heart of downtown right across from the subway and other public transportation.


Under the close supervision of a Senior Water Resource Control Engineer and consistent with good customer service practices and goals of the State and Regional Board’s Strategic Plan, the incumbent is expected to be courteous, and professional, and provide timely responses to internal/external customers. The incumbent is also expected to follow through on commitments and schedules, use best professional and technical judgment, and solicit and consider internal/external customer input when completing work assignments. The incumbent assists with and performs technical and professional office and field work within the Stormwater Compliance and Enforcement Unit.

Organize and conduct office and field work assignments involving compliance and enforcement evaluations; response and investigation of public complaints, inquiries, and situations; public outreach; and review, evaluation, and monitoring of permitted facilities/sites to ensure compliance with State and Regional Board Orders, legislation, and enforcement actions in a timely manner. Review and evaluate SWPPP/MIP, BMPs, ERA reports, receiving water/watershed and applicable TMDLs, Annual and WQBCA reports, analytical data, site maps, and other permit-required technical information, reports, and data (hydrologic, hydrogeologic, lithologic, other) for permit compliance. Develop and interpret geologic maps and conduct slope stability calculations. Apply working knowledge of stratigraphic, structural, historical, and economic geology as related to civil engineering projects; geological processes and survey techniques, equipment, and procedures; fundamental principles of mineralogy, petrography, soil mechanics, hydrogeology, photo geology, geological mapping and drafting, and the application of geology to engineering problems. Conduct inspections of permit-enrolled/non-enrolled sites/facilities for compliance with Statewide and Regional Orders; provide technical assistance to enrollees/non-enrollees in the evaluation of site/facility-specific industrial classification; and manage inspections and workload using various computer applications, including SMARTS, CIWQS, OSHA SIC Manual, and other applications/tools. Prepare compliance evaluation reports, technical documents, and enforcement orders. Review and process NOT, COI, records review, and other enrollee requests based on sound technical analyses. Update SMARTS records timely.

Conduct geologic and engineering analysis of storm sewer and drainage systems, structural and treatment control technologies (i.e., detention basins, infiltration trenches, filtration systems, clarifiers, wetlands and bio-filters, active/passive treatment systems, erosion and sediment control measures, other), and water resource information including but not limited to hydrology, pollution sources, monitoring data, and water balance calculations. Use geologic and engineering knowledge and technically-sound judgment to evaluate advanced stormwater BMPs and their effectiveness, pollution threats and risks levels, and other corrective measures. Assist in the review of complex geologic and engineering documents, plans, and technical reports for compliance evaluations.

Prepare informal and formal enforcement actions for site/facility owners that fail to obtain coverage; submit permit-required reports timely; comply with permit-required receiving water limitations, TMDLs, and impaired water body pollutant monitoring; and comply with other permit and Water Code violations and requirements. Analyze enrollee monitoring data for compliance with permit criteria, sampling/analytical procedures, and quality assurance/control standards. Meet and discuss the enforcement process with discharger; respond to legal, management, and public comments; and monitor enforcement progress. Perform follow-up investigations; conduct environmental analysis, research, surveys, interpretation, and summarization of compliance data to assist in enforcement case development; and conduct discharger outreach. As part of the Region’s Prosecution Team, assist in developing and negotiating penalties and SEP with dischargers.

Schedule and attend meetings with dischargers and other governmental agencies. Investigate and monitor situations related to public complaints and inquiries. Conduct public outreach and education and prepare and make effective presentations to the Board and to the public, as required. Participate in regulatory development process. Perform other duties as required.

Additional information:

Candidates must possess essential personal qualifications including integrity, initiative, dependability, good judgment, the ability to work cooperatively with others, and the ability to perform the assigned duties of the class.

If the position requires driving, you must possess a current and valid driver’s license. Please Do Not include full Social Security Number, method of eligibility, and LEAP information in your application package.

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