Watershed / Irrigation Specialist

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

India 🇮🇳

Expertise: Watershed/Irrigation Specialist
Expertise Group: Agriculture/Rural Development

Consultant Source: International
TOR Keywords: agriculture, India, irrigation, watershed, irrigation planning

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The consultancy assignment is to provide support to develop the Climate Adaptative Community-based Water
Harvesting Project in Meghalaya which includes visiting project areas, reviewing available feasibility
and design information, advising on technical matters, drafting a summary project report and terms of
reference for project implementation consultants, supporting the Mission Leader with preparing loan
documents and guiding the government on ADB requirements.

Scope of Work

India receives most of its rainfall during the monsoon from July to September (75%–80%). Increasing
demand for water, limited storage facilities and increasingly variable precipitation due to climate
change has led to several Indian states (including North-Eastern states) experiencing water scarcity
during the dry season. The Meghalaya government is seeking technical and financial support to improve
water security by promoting the construction of small water harvesting systems. In first phase of the
investment program, almost 1000 numbers of sub-projects shall be constructed spread across 12 districts
in the state.

The Asian Development Bank is supporting the Government of Meghalaya in preparing Climate Adaptative
Community-based Water Harvesting Project. The proposed project scope will: (i) build climate resilient
water harvesting systems (WHS) through community demand driven participatory approach to ensure
universal access to water for enhancing sustainable and efficient water-based livelihood opportunities
for the rural areas, and enhance
resilience to climate change impacts and acute water shortage during non-rainy season; and (ii)
establish institutional mechanisms for community ownership and integrated management of water resources
in line with Meghalaya State Water Policy.

Consultant services are solicited for loan document preparation comprising of feasibility reports,
detailed project reports, specifications, cost estimates, summary documents for main technical report by
incorporating climate change adaptation and mitigation measures as per ADB procedure.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

(i) Participate in ADB mission to visit project areas, review available information, and discuss the
proposed investment project with relevant government agencies and key stakeholders.

(ii) Review the project concept and consult with key stakeholders and relevant government agencies, and
highlight any potential issues, constraints and opportunities related to the sub-projects.
(iii) Support the preparation of the investment projects rationale, scope, financing plan, and
implementation arrangements.

(iii) Provide guidance to the Governments (and its’ consultants and experts) on drafting of feasibility
reports, detailed project reports (DPRs), design and cost estimates, operation and maintenance costs,
guide department in using standard and uniform templates for detailed designs and drawings for both
tendering purposes and construction works by the contractors (for both small and large works, as per the
sizes of the sub-projects) and prepare a summary technical document to be included as a linked document
to the RRP.

(iv) review the governments’ institutional set up supporting the State Water Policy and provide
recommendations on how the project can support operationalization of the State Water Policy.

(v) review and provide guidance to the government to develop water harvesting system master plan based
on watershed concepts. The master plan is being developed by Meghalaya government with technical inputs
given by North East Space Application Center (NESAC) and other contributing departments in state

(vi) provide guidance in the creation and functioning of water user associations (WUAs)/ Watershed
Management Committees within project area for taking over the responsibility of operation and
maintenance after the construction of sub-projects, and provide recommendations for its sustainability.

(vi) Support preparation of draft terms of reference and detailed cost estimate for the project
implementation consultants.

(vii) Provide inputs to the project administration manual, review project cost estimate, EIRR of sub-
projects, etc.

(viii) Assist the Mission Leader: (a) during missions; (b) preparing aide memoires; and (c) with other
related tasks and document preparation, as necessary from time to time.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

At least a post-graduate qualification in agriculture, irrigation and water resources. At least 15 years
of applicable experience including: (i) preparing, planning, designing and implementing irrigation
projects preferably under ADB-financed projects; (ii) improving water use efficiency and modernizing
irrigation schemes; and (iii) working on ADB and other development agency supported projects.

Minimum General Experience: 10 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 7 Years





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