Call for Consultancy: WISER Intrahousehold survey, Kenya


Kenya 🇰🇪

Submit applications by 20 January 2023 

REACH-WISER is a new mixed-methods study on the role of gender norms and relations within and beyond the household to advance water security for climate resilience, in an international interdisciplinary collaboration to provide evidence on the impacts of gender norms, roles and relations.

REACH/the University of Oxford is looking for a Consultant or Consultancy Firm based in Kenya, to carry out intrahousehold surveys in the context of the REACH-WISER activity (Water InSecurity, Equity and Resilience), in Kenya. The contract will be set with the University of Oxford.

Who may apply?

Eligible applicants are Consultants or Consultancy Firms that can fulfil the aims of the assignment and that are based in Kenya, with operational offices currently registered and legally authorised to operate in Kenya for this type of assignment.

How to apply?

Please read the full Terms of reference. Applications can be submitted to by 17:00 BST, 20 January 2023. Any queries can be addressed to by 12:00 BST, 15 January 2023.  

REACH is a global research programme to improve water security for the poor by delivering world-class science that transforms policy and practice. 




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