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The Government of Lebanon has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Lake Qaraoun Pollution Prevention Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds for the cost of improving solid waste management in the Litani River and Qaraoun Lake watersheds. The Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) is in the process of hiring an independent consultant to work with LRA and ensure that the activities planned under Sub-component 3.2 are clearly defined and successfully implemented in an efficient manner. Contract duration is 6 weeks) and the details of the position are included in the Terms of Reference and summarized as follows:

Job Title: Technical Consultant for Litani River Authority (LRA)Job reference: QC3C2a

Duties and Responsibilities:

The consultant will undertake the following three tasks as requested by LRA:

Task 1: Water Quality Monitoring Support

The main objective of this task is to help LRA establish a sound pollution monitoring system of Litani river for its abiotic and biotic components. This should be done in accordance with national regulations and international guidelines/best practices if national regulations are not established yet.

  • Check the assessments reports done by LRA and other national and international bodies to better understand the current capabilities of the LRA and the different roles of all stakeholders involved.
  • Interview key players based on a methodology agreed with LRA and its partners, to better understand their current needs and objectives so that the written ToRs can meet the LRA expectations.
  • Analyze the collected data to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current practices in order to draft the proper ToR. The analysis will pay particular attention to: (i) the sampling protocols including frequency and choice of sampling spots, (ii) quality control of analytical data issued, (iii) adherence to governance policies and regulations in Lebanon, (iv) international guidelines on managing major rivers (EU, EPA, ANZAC). The results of the analysis will include the following:
    • Sampling events: A description of the sampling methods and SOPs, sampling frequencies, the choice of sampling spots, Instruments used, samplers, preservation and transportation of samples, etc.
    • Analytical procedure: Writing of SOPs, Quality Assurance/Quality Control, proficiency testing, staff recruit and job description, purchase of instruments and material
    • Reporting and interpretation of data: Issuing of scientific reports on biotic and abiotic aspects of the river, publishing in international journals and on website, peer review
    • Provision of management system to link the activities from sampling to the analytical to the upper management: LIMS, GIS system to share data and for better monitoring
  • Finally, prepare detailed ToR that can be followed by Firms who win the bids so they can implement it first in a simplistic and realistic approach which can open ways in the future for more improvement. These recommendations may then be used as a road map for the LRA.

Task 2 Clean-up Campaigns

The LRA will design and initiate clean-up campaigns while raising the awareness of the communities in the selected areas of interventions on the impacts of the current negative behavior and disposal practices.

The impact of awareness should be to the extent possible, monitored over time with a simple survey, at an agreed frequency, to assess the change in level of knowledge and engagement of stakeholders who benefitted from the campaign.

The Consultant shall develop the ToR to cover more specifically:

  • Define the cleanup activities required at the river banks that can become an annual activity
  • Establish a protocol for the clean-up activities to avoid any negative environmental and social impacts
  • Assist LRA in coordinating with Qaraoun municipality Union and other concerned entities for the identification of a select number of hot spots to implement clean-up campaigns to be agreed upon based on proposed budget
  • Develop a proposed workplan and budget for the proposed activities
  • Identify the best use of communication material, including but not limited to social media and pamphlets, and define the scope of work a communication specialist to be hired to accompany the clean-up activities.

Task 3 Specifications for the Trash Skimmers

LRA has indicated its willingness to purchase through the LQPPP trash skimmers to be operated by the authority during and beyond the lifetime of the project. For that, in coordination with CDR and LRA the consultant will:

  • Establish the specifications for trash skimmers that are suitable for the conditions in the Litani river and can be operated and maintained by LRA on the medium term
  • Identify providers to seek offers
  • Include in the specifications the need for provision of operational & maintenance training with contracts.
  • Preparation and submission of the Bidding Documents for the purchase of trash skimmers.


The Consultant will have the following qualifications and proven experience as a minimum:

Education qualification of the consultant:
• Postgraduate or other advanced university degree (at least M. Sc. or equivalent) in the area of ecotoxicology or any other relevant domain.

Experience of the Consultant:
• At least 10 years of professional experience in in the area of ecotoxicology or any other relevant domain • Demonstrated experience in conducting sampling events• Conceptual and practical knowledge of local policies • Experience of working and collaborating with stakeholders including governments; local authorities • Demonstrated ability of analytical skills and data interpretation •Knowledge of sampling and analytical techniques and instrumentation
Languages Skills
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English;
• Working knowledge of French and Arabic will be an added advantage.

Interested candidates are invited to express their interest through formally addressing the CDR at the address below, enclosing their CVs, not later than Tuesday January 10th, 2023.

Attention:         The President of the CDR

Address:            Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR)

Tallet Al-Serail, Beirut (Beirut Central District), Lebanon

Tel. +961-1 980 096   /   Fax +961-1 981 252 / 253





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