Nature Based Solutions and Adaptation Story-Teller/ Consultant

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)


Request for Proposals: Development of Case Studies on Nature-based Solutions and Adaptation

Consultancy objectives

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is seeking a consultancy or individual to research and write a set of case studies, contributing to a larger body of work, that demonstrate how Nature-based Solutions (NbS) are being applied by communities and institutions adapting to water-related impacts of climate change.

Background Context

Project Background
The intent of this project is to explore the potential of NbS to help communities and other stakeholders adapt to the water-related impacts of climate change, with a focus on floods and droughts. The project includes several components: a landscape assessment, a scientific pathway analysis, a set of global maps, and a collection of illustrative case studies. The combination of these components will clarify how and where NbS can help communities adapt to the water-related impacts of climate change and what incorporation of NbS into adaptation planning and implementation looks like in a diverse selection of places around the world. These components are designed to enable water sector actors to consider NbS in their adaptation decision making. The project is already underway and expected to run through August of 2023.

Nature-based solutions and adaptation
Nature-based Solutions can help ensure the long-term reliability of water resources. Research has shown they can – depending on circumstance – be more cost-effective and longer-lasting than grey infrastructure, while generating multiple co-benefits for carbon, biodiversity and human health. Given their ability to address a range of water security challenges, NbS are an important option for helping communities adapt to climate change. Under the deep uncertainty that climate change and other future change will bring, incorporating NbS into water resource planning can increase the robustness of the system under a range of conditions.

TNC has extensive experience in planning, implementing, and monitoring NbS for water security in dozens of countries cross the globe. TNC and its partners have published several reports and guidance on NbS for water security, including synthesizing global evidence of impacts and identifying and valuing multiple benefits of NbS.

Consultancy activities
TNC expects the consultant to deliver on the following project activities:
1. Work with the project team to design a case study template
2. Seek out a broad set of case studies with diverse attributes (geography, NbS type, water challenge, etc.) and work with the project team to select 5-10 case studies to be drafted
3. Research the chosen case studies via interviews and review of existing materials
4. Create content for case studies for potential use in a report, website, presentations, and other communication assets. This task includes writing case study text, collecting any supporting photos and other graphics (figures, graphs, etc.) and potentially working with a graphic designer that TNC will hire to design additional figures.
5. In collaboration with project team, seek out review of case studies
6. Finalize case studies, incorporating feedback from review
7. Attend regular calls (45 minutes, every 1-2 weeks to start) with the project team until products are complete

The project is already underway, and the project team hopes to bring on the case study consultant February 1 through June 30, with case studies completed by the end of this period. An interim milestone the project team would like to hit is to have a short version (~1 page) of one or two cases drafted in early March as part of TNC’s engagement at the UN Water Conference and for discussion with potential partners.

Ideal qualifications
The team seeks out a consultancy or individual with the following experience or expertise:
• Excellent writing skills and, ideally, a sense of case study design
• Deep knowledge of water-related NbS solutions and / or water-related climate adaptation
• Connections or knowledge of on the ground NbS projects, particularly those that include elements of adaptation
• Experience gathering project-level information, including engaging with on the ground projects and connecting with local stakeholders
• Willingness to collaborate on site selection, design of case studies and other aspects of the case studies with the TNC team members
• Strong record of delivering products on time and within budget

Proposal expectations
Proposals should be one page or less, excluding supplemental materials (such as CV(s), project experience, sample work, etc.) submitted by January 10th by emailing Kari Vigerstol at Proposals should include a description of relevant experience, a proposed approach to delivering on the objectives of the consultancy and a budget.





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