Europe nationals: Microplastic monitoring in wastewater treatment plants  via EURAXESS

University of Florence

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Organisation/Company: UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI FIRENZE – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale

Research Field: Engineering » Civil engineering

Researcher Profile: Recognised Researcher (R2), Leading Researcher (R4), First Stage Researcher (R1), Established Researcher (R3)

Country: Italy

Application Deadline: 30/12/2022 – 00:59 (UTC)

Type of Contract: To be defined

Job Status: Not Applicable

Is the job funded through the EU Research Framework Programme?: Not funded by an EU programme

Is the Job related to staff position within a Research Infrastructure?: No

Offer Description

Plastic production in the last 65 years has far surpassed any other type of material. The presence of microplastics in natural water bodies such as rivers and seas is caused by inputs from various sources. The assimilation of microplastics (< 5 mm) by living organisms at the base of the food chain increases the risk of absorption of harmful substances even by those species in the highest positions, therefore, ultimately, also by humans. In the more urbanized areas, the contribution due to the wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) which collect the runoff water from the roads and used water is not negligible. The research grant fits into this context with the aim of monitoring the fate of microplastics in the treatment chains.


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Eligibility criteria: PhD

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  • Italy

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The competition will be carried out by an evaluation of titles and examination, by means of an interviewWebsite for additional job details…

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Number of offers available: 1

Company/Institute: UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DI FIRENZE – Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale

Country: Italy

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City: Firenze





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