Josh's Water Jobs Feedback Survey

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Dear all,

Josh’s Water Jobs launched a little over 3 months ago and we are very happy with how things are going thus far and look forward to continue to enhance your experience as you search for jobs and look to improve on your career development. 

Since some time has passed and you’ve been using the site for a while now, we thought it the moment to get some feedback to see how we can improve the website.  We want to make the site as user-friendly as possible and look to add features that you find useful.

We’ve put together a short survey (link below) to ask you some questions with this purpose in mind.  The survey is completely anonymous (so let us have it!) and this should take no more than 5-15 minutes (max) of your time (depending how in depth you go with your comments). The more detailed feedback you can give us, however, the better we can respond. While we will do our best to take into consideration all individual feedback, we are hoping that the responses as a whole will help us improve your overall experience.

Josh’s Water Jobs Feedback Survey

Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out the survey, we definitely appreciate it and we look forward to seeing you back on the site soon!

Josh and Hank


This is an amazing Job Josh

This is an amazing Job Josh is doing. All jobs in the water sector packaged onto one website. with updates are regular.

Thank you Josh for this!

Hydrology and Water Management

I love the site. It's very easy to navigate. Kudos to you for the great job. Keep posting and I will keep searching for my dream job :)


I like a lot this job list. Well done! Maybe with more academical field opportunities will be even better.

Feedback Survey

In my opinion, Josh career bank is the most completed and perfected career website which is specified in water. The only point that I have been thinking of Josh web is what if it could classify the regions and countries in the way that any job seeker would be able to find the opportunities in his/her region.

Forgot to add this in the survey comments...

Something I thought of that might be a cool visual feature of the website would be if you had the option to view the jobs by location on a map - the way USAID displays their projects
Not a critical aspect of the website, but just something I thought might make searching by multiple regions or areas of interests a little easier.

Great job site introducing

Great job site introducing and alerting us of the opportunities for job seekers. Good work!

My little is that more job opportunities for early career job seekers will be made more available. Jobs that do not require much experience.

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