Evaluation Consultant


Geneva, Switzerland 🇨🇭

Consultant: Evaluation consultant (Evaluator)
Organization: WaterLex International Secretariat
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Duration of assignment: One month or approximately 20 (working) days
Expected start date: September 2016
DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 26 August, 2016 (see end of page for application instructions).


The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the relevance of the focus and implementation of WaterLex programmes and the effectiveness of its approach in enhancing the capacities of stakeholders in improving water governance through the implementation and monitoring of the human right to water and sanitation principles and criteria.

The evaluation will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Evaluate the achievement of indicators, targets and objectives set up in the LogFrame during the said period.
  2. Clarify if WaterLex Strategic objectives are responding to the priorities and needs of key stakeholders in creating an enabling environment for improved water governance.
  3. Establish the extent to which WaterLex`s work aligns with current water governance-related legal and policy frameworks at national level, as well as with current strategic global and regional water governance-related developments, in particular the new global sustainable development agenda.
  4. Establish the extent to which the programme activities and outputs remain consistent with the overall mission, as well as to the intended impact and effects.

The outcome of this evaluation will inform the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida (a WaterLex main donor) on grant-making strategies within the area of human rights in global water governance and water management; contribute to the current process of the development of a new strategy for WaterLex for the upcoming 5-year period (2018-2023), in addition to providing recommendations for improvement for WaterLex, while also enhancing the understanding of WaterLex and its key partners on the added value of WaterLex`s future overall work.

The evaluator shall develop and present approach and methodology for the evaluation. However, the evaluation shall as a minimum include i) desk review ii) development and use of questionnaire and iii) targeted interviews with relevant persons/institutions.

The evaluation will be undertaken following the stipulated evaluation criteria of: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, replication, innovation and scaling up.
In undertaking this work, the Evaluator is expected to display professionalism as well as working in an ethical manner without discrimination or biases during the evaluation process.

The Evaluator is further expected to agree that any information she/he may gather, manage or use during her/his mission will remain the property of WaterLex or the relevant copyright holder, as appropriate.

WaterLex will provide necessary support and provide quality assurance in the processes and outputs related to this evaluation.

In order to determine if the current focus and programming is effectively contributing to WaterLex overall strategic goal and to the current logical framework of action, this evaluation will be ascertaining the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability, replication, innovation and scaling up at both the outcome and output levels.

The questions take into consideration the 4 key intervention areas stipulated under the WaterLex core activities:

  1. Shaping and promoting consistent water law and policy frameworks that support effective water governance and human rights;
  2. Supporting stakeholders’ efforts to improve water governance for the realization of human rights through integrated water governance assessments;
  3. Capacity building and
  4. Development of implementation and monitoring tools


The competencies and qualifications required of evaluation consultant(s) are the following:

  1. Advanced university degree in environmental studies/economics, law, business administration, development studies, or other related areas.
  2. Experience in undertaking evaluation and impact assessment tasks in developing countries and interacting with multi-stakeholders.
  3. Knowledge of quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods, with proven record in designing data collection and analysis methods in developing countries.
  4. Proven record in conducting high quality impact assessments for UN organizations and/ major development agencies is an advantage.
  5. Experience of designing or supporting monitoring and evaluation system in programme management with UN and/or major development agencies is an advantage.
  6. Knowledge of evaluation norms and standards
  7. Knowledge of environmental policies and water governance related legal frameworks, in additional to international human rights norms is a major advantage.
  8. Minimum 7-year relevant experience as a lead in designing and conducting evaluations of development interventions with international organizations, preferably in environment and related interventions.

TERMS OF REFERENCE, SCOPE and DETAILED DELIVERABLES are posted in the attached document here: 160808 TOR Impact Assessment SIDA WL LV

Interested candidates are invited to submit their CVs, including three (3) references, along with their proposals electronically by 26 August 2016 to:

Ms. Sharon Wallis noting the file name conventions are as follows:
Name of CV file should be in the format of EC_LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_CV
Name of Cover Letter should be in the format of EC_LAST NAME_FIRST NAME_Cover Letter
To s.wallis [at] waterlex.org