Adoption of Water Treatment and Reuse Technologies, Evaluation of the Process of Adoption of Technologies by Water Users via EURAXESS

Politecnico di Milano

Italy 🇮🇹


The research aims at contributing to the evaluation of the adoption process of water treatment and reuse technologies by water users. Considering the enabling technologies for the circularity of the water resource as the scope of the project, the technical and economic characteristics of the technologies will be studied, groups of potential adopters of the reference technologies will be identified, and case studies will be used for the analysis of costs and factors hindering technology adoption, savings and operational and management drivers, for the economic and operational assessment in the current and long-term scenarios, and for the development of management and policy recommendations.

Eligibility criteria

Relevance of qualifications with the research programme object of selection

Consistency of the candidate’s overall profile with respect to the content of the research programme for selection

Close relevance of publications submitted with the research programme object of selection

Interview aimed at ascertaining the candidate’s aptitude for the research object of the selection

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Selection process

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