Water Supply and Sanitation Experts Roster – Call for Senior Experts and Advisors

Global Center on Adaptation (GCA)

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1.1   Introduction to GCA

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is an international organization that works as a solutions broker to catalyze action and support for adaptation solutions, from the international to the local, in partnership with the public and private sector, to ensure we learn from each other and work together for a climate resilient future. Adapting to impacts of climate change provides a “win-win” for livelihoods, food security, water supply, health, security, and economic growth. The work of the GCA elevates the visibility and political importance of climate adaptation and facilitates solutions, such as smarter investments, new technologies and better planning to become more resilient to climate related threats. GCA is a rapidly growing organization with offices in Abidjan, Beijing, Dhaka, Groningen, and Rotterdam.
Within GCA’s strategy, its work program in Africa is of paramount importance. All of the components of GCA’s Business Plan support changing the momentum and pace of adaptation in Africa. Guiding GCA’s program in Africa is the Africa Adaptation Acceleration Program (AAAP), co-created and implemented with the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) to support African countries on key adaptation initiatives. The GCA’s work program in Africa will cover the 3 pillars of GCA activities as follows:

  • Programs and Actions, which entails working on: (i) supporting the Africa Adaptation Initiative’s Work Program; (ii) Operationalizing the bold ideas and action tracks of the GCA; (iii) Supporting GCF direct access entities.
  • Capacity and Knowledge Acceleration, which includes: (i) strengthening governance structures and coordination mechanisms; (ii) exploring opportunities to mobilize domestic resources and policy interventions for adaptation, particularly around the mainstreaming of resilience into financial decision making; (iii) piloting financial, technical or technological innovations for adaptation and (iv) knowledge management.
  • Agenda Setting and Advocacy, which will imply working on: (i) Mobilizing political and high-level leadership around Adaptation in Africa; (ii) Mobilizing African Business Leaders and governments to mobilize private finance to marshal adaptation in Africa; (iii) Mobilizing African Voices and Global Climate Fora and (iv) Mobilizing African stakeholders for Adaptation.

Water is a key component of the AAAP and focuses on providing comprehensive support for African cities to scale and accelerate climate adaptation plans.  Part of the support is channelled by strengthening water climate adaptation components in investment projects of AfDB and other multilateral development banks.
1.2       Introduction to this call for Experts & Advisors

1.2.1       Purpose of the Roster
GCA intends to create a talent pool of highly experienced and motivated senior experts and advisors to assist GCA achieve its organizational goals for both the near- and medium-term perspectives.
In this context, GCA is looking to build an elite talent resource which GCA can call upon to surpass global adaptation challenges, who can deliver, know how to cooperate and build on the GCA team ethos, and who have a substantive history in participating in successfully executed climate adaptation projects. The experts and advisors will need to advise its CEO and Leadership Team on aspects of the GCA’s Business Plan. They will drive forward the Global Center on Adaptation’s role as a solutions broker through excellent strategic, technical, political, and implementation advice on key topics in climate adaptation.
To support its water climate change programs, GCA is looking for highly experienced experts with a minimum of fifteen years’ experience in the water supply and sanitation (WSS) or water resource management (WRM) sector and preferably with a demonstrable track record in the field of climate adaptation and water.  A short description of the services that experts will be expected to conduct (Section 3) and roster requirements (Section 4) are found below.
1.2.2 Information about the Contract
GCA intends to enter into flexible retainer contracts.

2.1 Submission requirements
If you are interested in participating in this open call for rostered experts, you are requested to submit your submission package no later than:

FRIDAY 13th AUGUST 2021 AT 18:00 CET 

GCA is requesting for experts to submit:

  • Your comprehensive and tailored CV to demonstrate your applicability to the GCA roster.
  • A carefully drafted cover letter in accordance with the variety of expert and high-level advisory roles in the areas highlighted in Section 3 with the purpose of demonstrating the expert’s skills, abilities and experience.
  • Provide two signed references concerning the expert’s successful role in past projects in water supply and sanitation with a significant water climate adaptation focus.
  • Provide three case studies/examples of similar assignments in the sphere of climate resilience building in the water supply and sanitation sector that the expert has either led or directly supported (stating roles) in the last three years.

If the above criteria are not fully met your submission will not be deemed eligible for the GCA roster.
Please send your submission package to the following email address: [email protected]
Your submission package must be drafted in English.
Please include the following information prominently in the body of your submission email:
Call for Experts: GCA Water Experts Roster
No approach of any kind in connection with this open call for tender should be made to any other person within,  or associated with GCA. Failure to adhere to this requirement may result in exclusion from the roster. Please note that GCA will not enter into a detailed discussion on the requested services at this stage.

All services provided by the consultant will focus incorporating water climate resilience building into current and future large-scale investments projects in Africa. In particular, the consultant will:

  • Liaise with task teams to provide technical support to the preparation and implementation of investment projects in the field of water supply and sanitation services.
  • Support to the design, development and implementation of long-term technical assistance activities to individual or portfolios of projects in the field of integrated water resource management.
  • Provide support to the design, development and implementation of country or basin-level diagnostics supporting the development of country partnership frameworks, the development of national or basin level water adaptation strategies, and so on.

A detailed ToR will be developed for each individual assignment within the framework agreement that will be undertaken by the consultant.


  • Master’s degree in environmental studies, civil engineering, development studies, public administration, or other relevant fields
  • Fifteen (10-15) years’ experience in the implementation of complex and large-scale innovative projects and programmes in the WSS sector.
  • In-depth understanding of the water-urban climate adaptation debate and a demonstrable ability to translate conceptual frameworks into on the ground approaches and solutions.
  • Excellent writing skills demonstrated by some writing samples. Working knowledge of French considered to be of additional advantage.