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Job Summary
Job TitleWater Quality Policy Specialist Advisor
Post Number201319
Grade6, £35,288 rising to £38,597 over four years
DirectorateEvidence, Policy & Permitting
TeamWater Quality
Reports toWater Quality Team Leader
Direct ReportsNone
Welsh Language requirementsEssential Level 1, able to pronounce Welsh and use basic phrasesDesirable Level 4, fluent in spoken WelshPlease note if you do not meet the Welsh language requirements specified i.e. ability to understand basic phrases and ability to pronounce Welsh names correctly, then NRW offers a variety of learning options and staff support to help you meet these minimal requirements during the course of your employment with us.
Contract typeFixed term appointment until 30 June 2022 (maternity cover) 
Work patternFull time, 37 hours per week
Application information
Application closing date11 August 2021
Interview to take place on and where26 August 2021 via Microsoft Teams
To apply send your completed application form to[email protected]    
If you have any queries, contact[email protected]  

Job Context

To lead on the provision of Water Quality technical assessments and advice primarily in relation to NRW’s role in delivering the objectives of the Bathing Waters Regulations.  This technical/specialist advice will inform the development of NRW policy, programmes, plans, strategies and guidance for bathing waters, and will support other priority water quality work areas.  You will work with colleagues from other teams in EPP and Operations, officials from WG and sector representatives.

Other information relevant to the job:

This position is being appointed to on a fixed-term basis owing to a team member being on maternity leave.

The fixed-term appointment is due to end on 30 June 2022.

There may be the potential for this appointment to be extended or become a permanent position at a later date, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Applying for this post

The following competencies will be used to assess the quality of applications both at sift and interview. Please read the whole of the Role Description to ascertain at what level this information needs to be presented.

  • Essential Knowledge and Skills
  • Evaluation of Information
  • Decision Making Autonomy
  • Impact
  • Communications and Relationships with Others
  • Responsibility for Resources
Essential Knowledge and SkillsAble to undertake practical/technical tasks or work, requiring specialist knowledge/expertise.Able to provide objective advice to others on related issues, based on their knowledge and experience and keeps up to date with changes within their specialist field.Demonstrates relevant substantial experience gained from working in number of different organisations, or roles/functions within a single organisation.Ability to lead and project manage specific areas of work, which may include the implementation of plans.Has mentoring skills and the ability to share skills and knowledge with others within the function and/or across the organisation.Possibly an expert in a range of subjects relating to their profession. 
Evaluation of InformationAbility to analyse and interpret a range of complex information of a technical nature, relating to a specific area of specialism, contributing to the development of strategy and policies.Able to extract key points and communicate them to individuals at all levels.Able to interpret relevant delivery plans and understand their context in the wider national and NRW strategy and policies.
Decision Making and Autonomy RequirementsAbility to decide how to achieve results applying some degree of judgment or creativity, whilst responding to conflicting demands, by altering priorities.Able to make independent decisions on a broad range to matters, considering the options available and potential implications for the business.Decisions will require input from line management and peers and an understanding of NRW policy, the impact of which is likely to be wider than the immediate function or department and medium term in nature.Has an appreciation of the consequences of making wrong decisions and the adverse effect they may have on the organisation in relation to external stakeholders, such as partner organisations, lenders, service users etc.Able to contribute to the setting of strategic direction for themselves, their area and others.Ability to develop organisation strategy and policies with some autonomy in the implementation of organisational policy.Can adapt and respond to decisions made which lead to changes in established procedure/practice for dealing with issues within the post holder’s area of work, which may not be immediately clear or apparent.Some decisions may need to be taken without reference to others.
ImpactDemonstrates an appreciation of how their decisions and actions will influence others both internally and externally.Must have an awareness of the consequences of their decision making, which will have a moderate level of impact and influence and be medium term in nature.
Communication and Relationships with OthersAbility to interact and link with others across the business, engaging the organisation in delivering polices and work plans in the most efficient way.Communications will be both with internal colleagues and external stakeholders which may include specialist input and influence in relation to policy and strategy or implementation.Some interactions may be emotionally challenging where individuals are angry or upset, requiring the need for tact, patience and the ability to remain calm to try and resolve the issue.The work will involve written and verbal communications and/or leading projects, requiring good communication and persuasive skills.Ability to facilitate and/or present at internal or external meetings, giving advice and input as required.Able to foster and maintain good relationships and networks.Ability to produce documents, reports, accounts, contracts, etc., with some complexity, containing elements of advice, guidance or opinion which the recipient will act upon or use, and which would have detrimental consequences if incorrect or poorly drafted.Ability to source data and content from multiple locations, entailing some external research and professional judgment in how such research should be interpreted.The impact of such documentation is likely to be generally medium term in nature.
Responsibility for ResourcesPost holders will have a delegated budget and/or will have responsibility for checking the validity of forms and documents as part of a process and/or the procurement of goods and services.The level of financial responsibility, is likely to be a delegated part of a much larger budget, managed by a senior member of staff.
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Role Description
Job Purpose:To lead on the provision of Water Quality technical assessments and advice.  This technical/specialist advice will inform the development of NRW policy, programmes, plans, strategies and guidance.  You will work with colleagues from other teams in EPP and Operations, officials from WG and sector representatives.
Key Job Accountabilities:The post holder will:Prepare technical assessments for new or revised Water Quality policy, drawing on a range of information and data sources; working with EPP staff to draw in relevant information and evidence.Manage the preparation of material to inform the development of NRW, WG and other Partners policy, advice and guidance documents; Manage the development of procedures, tools and guidance and lead the delivery of new ways of working.Liaise with external stakeholders such as Welsh Government, sector representatives and partners to ensure the timely and effective delivery of project, policy or strategy obligations.Advise on evidence needs and opportunities and project manage agreed evidence projects, in line with the agreed evidence programme.Support engagement with sectors, partners, WG, Ofwat, EA, SEPA, Water UK and water companies and other Environment bodies in the UK; and be the lead point of contact for customer queries.Maintain knowledge of the water sector identifying the implications of legislative, technology and market changes for Natural Resources Wales and the water environment in Wales.Contribute to task and finish groups, commissioned through the Business Boards, to prepare defined products as required.Collaborate with the Team Leader to develop and deliver an agreed Personal Development Plan.
Key Job Qualifications or Knowledge:Knowledge of: Welsh, UK and EU legislation related to Water Quality; Welsh, UK Government policy drivers, strategic plans and initiatives in Water Quality (WG Water Strategy, wider UK strategies); and the issues and opportunities in Wales.Experience of: technical analysis and interpretation of a range of complex water quality and environmental information and data sources; analysing large data sets using spreadsheets and relevant models.Working with: water companies, local authorities, eNGOs, Governments (UK), farming unions; representing NRW on key policy groups (Wales/UK).Working in a programme and project management environment with Project Management experience and/or qualifications.You will be a member of CIWEM or another relevant professional institution and/or working towards membership.Share your knowledge and expertise to help solve problems, supporting all Heads of Business in EPP as required.

What you will do

You will provide specialist advice and input to your team and function that supports the development and implementation of strategy and plans.

You will undertake practical and technical tasks requiring specialist knowledge and expertise on a range of matters relating to your profession. 

You will analyse and interpret a range of complex information relevant to your specialist area and communicate this to others, contributing to the development of strategy and policy.

You will be responsible for leading and managing specific areas of work which may include the implementation of plans.

You will undertake research as required and produce documents that provide advice, guidance or opinion which others will use and act upon.

You will be involved in the development of organisational strategy and policy and will have some autonomy in relation to implementation of organisational policy.

You will influence the work of others through your actions and decision making, the impact of which will be both internal and external.

You will be responsible for a budget, which will be a delegated part of a larger budget managed by a more senior employee.

You will review the validity of documentation relating to the procurement of good and services.

Who you will be working with

You will collaborate with people across the organisation engaging with key stakeholders for the efficient delivery of policy and work plans.

You will be build relationships with both internal and external stakeholders and provide specialist input and influence on the implementation of policy and strategy.

You will facilitate and deliver presentations for internal and external meetings, providing advice, as required.

You will work with other specialist/technical staff and will lead them through specialist/ technical programmes of work, through a matrix management approach.

You may work in situations where individuals become angry and upset and which are challenging emotionally, requiring you to stay calm under pressure when resolving the issues presented.

You will mentor less experienced colleagues.

Where you will be working

Your role will be primarily office based but may entail travel between different NRW locations, as well as working at partner organisations and other premises.

What knowledge and skills you need

You will have a recognised qualification, degree or equivalent experience.

You will have substantial experience working in the field relevant to your role with experience across a range of roles or in different roles within an organisation.

You will have specialist/technical knowledge in a range of subjects within your field.

You will have proven involvement of working in a variety of functions and remain up to date with developments in your technical or specialist field.

You will have good inter-personal skills and able to develop and maintain good relationships and networks.

You will have analytical skills enabling you to analyse and interpret a range of complex information in relation to your specific area of specialism.

You will have the skills to manage your workload and prioritise tasks in relation to conflicting objectives and targets.

What other information is relevant to your job

You will realise your contribution by applying the principles of SMNR to your work; in how you think, plan and deliver activities.

You will be expected to work with teams and individuals from across NRW, sharing your expertise and insight to solve complex problems. You will support collaborative working with partners and sector organisations, focussing on shared priorities.

You are responsible for complying with the policies, procedures and processes that relate to your role.

You are responsible for ensuring that all financial transactions undertaken by yourself represent value for money and meet the requirements of the organisation.

NRW is a Category 1 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004), and this means we have a duty to work with partners to prepare for and respond to emergencies and incidents covered by the Act.  All staff may be required to undertake activities, at a level commensurate with the skills and experience required by their role, to assist in ensuring this duty is undertaken.

This role description sets out a broad indication of the role, where it sits within the overall NRW structure and indicative expectations of the post holder. It is not intended to provide a detailed description of all tasks and activities. This document should be read in conjunction with the job specific Personal Development Plan which sets out the specific activities and projects to be delivered during the year.

Before applying for this role please read the candidate guidance

Natural Resources Wales embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunity. We recruit by merit on the basis of fair and open competition. We welcome and encourage applications from groups currently underrepresented including women, black and ethnic minority groups and people with a disability and we have a guaranteed interview scheme for candidates with disabilities who meet the minimum selection criteria.

We are an employer of choice because we put the principles of human rights, equality, fairness, dignity and respect at the heart of our values.