UNDP GEF Terminal Evaluation (Climate change adaptation programme in water and agriculture)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Asmara, Eritrea 🇪🇷

This is the Terms of Reference for the UNDP-GEF Terminal Evaluation (TE) of the full-sized project titled “CLIMATE Change Adaptation programme in water and agriculture in anseba region” (PIMS 4540) implemented through the MoLWE/ MoA Zoba Anseba, which is to be undertaken in 2013-2018. The project started in 2013 and is in its final year of implementation. In line with the UNDP-GEF Guidance on TEs, this TE process was initiated before the submission of the second Project Implementation Report (PPR). The TE process must follow the guidance outlined in the document Guidance For Conducting Terminal Evaluation of UNDP-Supported, GEF-Financed Projects (see Annex).

The project objective was to:

  • Increase community resilience and adaptive capacity to climate change through an integrated water management and agricultural development approach in the sub-zobas of Hamelmalo and Habero, Zoba Anseba—Eritrea. The programme will adopt a participatory approach working with vulnerable groups in particularly drought-prone areas of Zoba Anseba, including small-scale farmers, agro-pastoralists and rural women. The project duration is five years and the budget allocated is $ 6,010,000.00.