Nauru R2R PMU Technical Advisor

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Yaren, Nauru 🇳🇷

The project is developed in line with the goal of the Pacific Islands National Priorities Multi-Focal Area ‘Ridge-to-Reef’ (R2R) Program to “maintain and enhance Pacific Island countries’ ecosystem goods and services (provisioning, regulating, supporting and cultural) through integrated approaches to land, water, forest, biodiversity and coastal resource management that contributes to poverty reduction, sustainable livelihoods and climate resilience”. This assignment will focus in Nauru as part of their national R2R project. The Nauru R2R project started implementation in 2015 and UNDP together with the Government of Nauru took lead in the recruitment of the PMU officers consisting of the Project Coordinator, Finance and Administration officer, Land-use officer and Communication Officer.  Current work status for this position is listed in the expected deliverables for this position. Some constraints to this position is understanding the local cultural context and adapting to the nature of the work environment in Nauru. A great deal of patience is needed in that level since pace of work is very slow. Some of the key targeted audience relative to this assignment include the government representatives, communities, and private or non-government organisations.

The PMU Technical Advisor will work closely with the Project Coordinator to support the day-to-day technical activities of the R2R project. The PMU Technical Advisor will be liaising with other Government agencies (such as the Agriculture Division of DCIE, the Planning & Aid Division of the Ministry of Finance, other project staff of DCIE), the National Fisheries & Marine Authority (NFMRA), the National Community Based Organization (NCBO), regional technical organizations (such as the Secretariat of the Pacific Community), and consultants on specific components of the R2R project.