Consultancy for Topographical Survey of Water Supply Network via ReliefWeb

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Kakuma, Kenya 馃嚢馃嚜

Norwegian Refugee Council is calling for expression of interest from INDIVIDUAL CONSULTANTS to submit their Technical and Financial Proposal to undertake a detailed topographical survey of water supply network within Kakuma Refugee Camp and Kalobeyei Refugee camp.

Both Kakuma and Kalobeyei Refugee camps are in Turkana West Sub County, in Northern Kenya around 730 km from Nairobi. Due to the increasing number of refugees in the camps as observed over the past years, there has been a constant increase in need for provision of water services to meet this rising demand. This therefore necessitates a need for an audit of the existing reticulation system through a detailed topographical survey, hydrological survey and Engineering Design of the water supply system.

1.0 Purpose

The main objective of the consultancy is to undertake a detailed topographical survey for the water supply within the two camps from source (Boreholes), storage (ESTs and EPTs), distribution Network (Pipelines) and the Consumer Points (Tap stands). The consultant will map out the available Sources, Storages and Consumption points.

The specific objectives of this assignment are:

a. Conduct a topographical survey of all the Water Sources, Storages, pipelines and selected Consumer Points within the camps Approximately 100 Kilometres

b. Produce a detailed layout of the water reticulation system in both PDF, KMZ and AutoCAD/Civil 3D readable formats

c. Produce the Profiles and Civil Reports of the Pipeline

  1. Proposed Methodology

路 The topographical survey shall be carried out using Real Time Kinematic (RTK) Equipment.

路 Undertake a reconnaissance to identify the existing and proposed water pipeline to be surveyed.

路 Establishing permanent benchmarks for horizontal and vertical controls.

路 Carry out all Pipeline survey From the Source to the storages and finally to the Consumer Points.

路 Identifying Key physical features such as Permanent Buildings, roads, river crossings and other structures that falls within the pipeline that will be used for ease of identification purposes

路 Over lay the survey data on cadastral maps (if available) to reflect information on easement required, land parcel number and any other relevant information.

3. Reporting

The outputs should be on the correct format as described under item 5 (Deliverables). The Data will be delivered in softcopy (survey data, pipeline profiles, and maps).

4. Scope of Consultancy:

Undertaking Topographical Survey of the pipeline

Carry out all Pipeline survey From the Source to the storages and finally to the Consumer Points.

Noting Key Pipe Details such as Diameter, Materials/type, Fittings (e.g. reducers, Tees etc.), Manholes, Air Valves, Control valves etc.

Noting Key physical features such as Permanent Buildings, roads, river crossings and other structures that falls within the pipeline that will be used for ease of identification purposes.

5. Deliverables

The Consultant will prepare and submit:

a. Detailed Pipeline Layout in AutoCAD/CIVIL 3D readable Format

b. Pipeline Profiles in AutoCAD/CIVIL 3D readable Format

c. Civil reports ( Generated from Civil 3D) in excel sheets

These deliverables are to be:

a. Prepared in English only.

b. Submitted to NRC

Programme of Works

The Consultant will prepare a schedule of activities in Microsoft Project Readable format and share with NRC.

6. Qualifications and required Competencies**

a. Bsc. in Geospatial/Civil/Water Engineering

b. Proven competency in water supply reticulation system survey through application of RTK equipment ( must submit evidence of having undertaken at least 3 water supply projects as an independent or Associate Surveyor)

7. Time Frame

The assignment is expected to last 30 days and the time estimates for the various components are as follows:

a. Preliminary Survey/desk study 鈥 2 Days

b. Field Survey鈥 20 days

c. Presentations and final reporting 鈥 8 days

The above stated durations are to be understood as guidance and it is the responsibility of the Consultant to establish a detailed work program within the above time estimates. The estimated staff time inputs should be provided in accordance with the Consultant鈥檚 professional judgment and knowledge of the local conditions and needs.

8. Obligations

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

a. Ensure that the local authorities are informed of this assignment.

b. Inform and update the Consultant on the security situation, or changes therein.

c. Shall make available the required information and access to the facilities

d. Support consultant during field work for the entire period

e. Pay for the services as per contractual agreement**

Note that NRC does not meet costs related to upkeep, accommodation or food for the consultant while undertaking this exercise.

The Consultant

a. Provides the services as specified

b. Submit a final report incorporating comments to NRC by a strict deadline


This Request for Proposal is open to ONLY individual consultants.

How to apply

Interested Individual consultants should submit a detailed technical and financial proposal (Cost per Kilometer) indicating terms of payment and a detailed work plan on how they are going to undertake the assignment in line with the deliverables as stipulated in the TORs, on and before 26th July 2021.

Applications should be sent in soft to [email protected] or hand delivered into the tender box located at NRC Nairobi office, Naushad Merali drive, Lavington, Nairobi.

NRC reserves the right to accept or reject the whole or part of your quotation based on the information provided. Incomplete quotations which do not comply with our conditions will not be considered.