Smart Water Management (ICT) Specialist (International)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)


Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

Background A significant proportion of rural water supply infrastructure in Himachal Pradesh are poorly functional and requires urgent rehabilitation to bring them up to standard. The Jal Shakti Vibhag (JSV) of the Government of Himachal Pradesh, is committed to increase access to improved and sustainable rural water supply schemes, which includes enhancement of water production capacity and rehabilitation and expansion of water supply network. The state government has prioritized sanitation action plan for the state; and a pilot inclusive sanitation program for Sirmaur district is proposed. The Government of India approached the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for financing of the proposed project. The project will focus on strengthening institutions, build capacity, and employ community- based participatory approaches to ensure the sustainable delivery of services. The proposed project is planned for 2022 and is aligned with ADB’s country operation business plan 2021–2023. The consultant will be part of ADB’s processing team for the proposed Himachal Pradesh Rural Drinking Water Supply Improvement Project in India. To achieve project’s development impact, outcome and outputs, the consultant will assist the ADB project team to prepare the required loan processing documents for the proposed project. The project includes rehabilitation of old schemes and upgrades will generally involve replacement and upgrade of assets, e.g., intake, storage, pumps, upgrade of electrical equipment, installation of SCADA and telemetry systems and associated minor civil and structural works within the existing schemes and pumping station sites. The consultant will support ADB and JSV to review the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and telemetry systems introducing computerized maintenance and management systems (CMMSs) for water supply, and to the extent practical sanitation. The consultant will also assess the needs and propose essential functions for SCADA and CMMSs in each project location; carrying out necessary technical due diligence and preparing draft functional specification and automation and control philosophy for each scheme to be upgraded (note: PLC programming, SCADA development and integration to be completed by JSV’s nominated contractor) – incorporating them into the relevant sections of bid documents using the ADB’s Standard Bid document for Procurement of Information Technology Products and Services. Key outputs are the subproject description and technical due diligence on CMMSs in water supply and sanitation; draft functional specification and automation and control philosophy for each scheme, cost estimation on CMMSs; a list of key tasks and responsibilities of a loan implementation consultants for CMMS capacity building and operation support.

Scope of Work

Support the co-mission leaders in conducting technical due diligence and preparing necessary data and documents for the proposed project and taking into account: (i) life-cycle costs; (ii) existing O&M and asset management practices; (iii) relevant manuals developed by Government of India, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Central Public Health & Environmental Engineering Organisation; (iii) ADB’s guide on water utility asset management (2014) (Water Utility Asset Management: A Guide for Development Practitioners); and other relevant resources. The consultant team will be responsible for preparation of following documents required for project processing: (i) A technical due diligence report, comprising an assessment of current O&M and asset management practices in the project locations; identification of gaps for improvement; the system designs on CMMSs suitable for water supply system; and sanitation services. (ii) Technical part of bid documents on CMMSs following ADB’s Standard Bidding Documents (Single-Stage: One-Envelope), and User’s Guide to Procurement of Information Technology Products and Services (see more at (iii) Draft detailed capacity building activities required for CMMSs operation for utility operators.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

(i) Work closely with the JSV and Rural Development Department (RDD) project staff to evaluate water supply, sanitation, including fecal sludge management systems monitoring systems (e.g., SCADA and GIS) at the subproject locations and recommend measures to strengthen the system in the state, and identify gaps and opportunities for improvements; (ii) Identify international best practices in smart water management systems applicable in remote rural areas such as in Himachal Pradesh and analyze existing and proposed drinking water supply and sanitation systems under the project and identify and how the smart water management system could be integrated; (iii) Supporting the project management unit of the project by providing guidance and supervision in execution of SCADA and CMMS bid processes; (iv) Prepare the list of detailed capacity building activities for a system wide SCADA and CMMS implementation with involving many utility owners and operators; (v) Preparing technical parts of SCADA and CMMS bid documents and support the PMU in relevant procurement activities; support procurement and installation supervision of the system. If required, develop a proposed scaling up strategy to expand the use of the SCADA and smart water management system to other areas. (vi) Develop draft O&M plan, including institutional set up, responsibilities, and required budget for sustainable O&M; (vii) Work closely with and support other specialists on the ADB project processing team as relevant; and (viii) Provide other relevant inputs and guidance to JSV, RDD and gram panchayats, and ADB.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

A postgraduate degree in engineering, computer science and engineering, or any other relevant field; (ii) at least 10 years’ of working on complex engineering projects, ICT sector, utility sector, smart management platforms, system security and other relevant smart system management and operation. The consultant should, in particular, have excellent understanding of and expertise in water projects financed by multilateral development banks.