Market Study Consultancy Team for Reuse of Faecal Sludge (Kabwe, Nakonde, Mpulungu) in Zambia

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Company Description

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

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Job Description

WASH; Chambeshi – Lukanga Sanitation and Hygiene Project

As part of the the Chambeshi-Lukanga Sanitation & Hygiene project to improve available treatment, disposal and reuse options for faecal sludge, in Kabwe, Nakonde and Mpulungu, SNV requires a detailed market study from a team of consultants, of up to 4 members, to assist the WASH team in making an informed choice on faecal sludge resource recovery and re-use options that are technically feasible, environmentally safe, suitable to the local contexts and existing regulatory frameworks, socially acceptable and financially sustainable, in each project town and by satisfying the following objectives:

1)    Increase knowledge and understanding on the potential resource recovery of faecal sludge reuse products (including composting, biomass fuels, animal feed, biogas and any other reuse option).

2)    Collect and analyse the data and information about the demand, market opportunity, and market acceptance of composting, biomass fuels, animal feed, biogas and any reuse option.

3)    Collect the information on relevant regulatory tools and institutional arrangements.

Scope of Works


1)    Primary data collection through field visits, surveys, semi-structured interviews, key informant interview (KII), focus group discussions (FGD), and lab analysis, where relevant and during which time national and local stakeholders need to be consulted whilst collaborating with SNV advisor(s) and following SNV’s guidelines/ protocols.

2)    Secondary data collection through desk review of international, national and locally relevant data on reuse products, business, cultural, legal and regulatory environment.

The above should include literature reviews on the state-of-knowledge of resource recovery and reuse of faecal sludge (general practice, potential applications, legal and health considerations, and others as relevant).

Market factors to be investigated and analysed include

·       Customer and consumer segmentations

·       Type of use and preferred applications of re-use products

·       Demand and rate of application of various re-use products

·       Sources, availability, and composition of raw materials

·       Pricing comparisons of re-use versus substituted products

·       Market acceptancestudy for treated sludge by products (Knowledge, Perception, Willingness, barriers to use, Willingness, barriers to purchase, Preferred applications, Rate of application, Preferred packaging, Review on relevant legal and regulatory environment

Specific Requirements

The suitable Consultancy Team will be required to submit:

1)    A preliminary technical and financial proposal with a detailed methodology on how the above scope of works will be achieved within 90 days of commencement during this fixed period Contract for a maximum of 25 chargeable days

2)    CVs of the team members

3)    Similar project reference


Consultancy Team Profile

The Consultancy Team must all be fluent in Bemba and able to write coherent reports in English and comprise of the following:

1)    One highly qualified (minimum of masters level and 5 years’ experience) sanitation/environmental/chemical engineer or relevant academic background

2)    One highly qualified (minimum of masters level and 5 years’ experience) market research/analyst

3)    One qualified social sciences expert, able to deal with socio-cultural/ acceptability aspects 

4)    Other(s) with relevant profiles

Additional Information

Expression of Interest

Interested and suitable Consultancy Teams to respond to the above via Smart Recruiters before 01 August 2021.

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