Governance Programme Director

Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI)

Paris, France 🇫🇷

IDDRI’s Governance Programme

Alongside three thematic programmes focussing on the specific debates and negotiation constellation on different environmental objects (Biodiversity, Climate, Ocean), IDDRI’s Programme on the Governance of Sustainable Development is intended to address crosscutting issues and policy processes linking sustainable development with major political decisions and negotiations (finance and investment, macroeconomic policies and planning, trade, intellectual property rights and innovation), as well as the changes in institutional arrangements (in particular in the United Nations context) and in power relations between players (Intergovernmental organisations, governments, private actors, civil society, local authorities, science…) that are involved in policy and negotiation processes at various scales (from national to regional and global).

IDDRI also analyses the changes in international and European environmental law as an instrument for global and regional governance, such as the UN‐led global compact for the environment, as well as the integration of sustainability in international agreements that affect the protection of natural resources (trade, law of the sea, for instance).

IDDRI participates actively in international and European debates on the Agenda 2030 and its implementation in all regions of the world, the reporting system to the HLPF, as well as on the renewal of the development agenda and the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, a field that is critical for key IDDRI partnerships, and in particular bilateral or multilateral donors like the French Agency for Development, EU DG DevCo, or the MDBs, as well as the European Think Tanks Group (ODI, DIE, ECDPM, IAI, Iddri).

Role of the Governance Programme Director

The role of the Governance Programme Director is to design, organize and implement a renewed strategy for IDDRI’s «Governance» programme, relying on IDDRI’s added value and differentiation, its impact as well as anticipation capacity, and its complementarity with other players, identifying IDDRI’s priority activities in the institutionalised sustainable development agenda. She or he will also lay out priority activities in issue areas where linkages with sustainable development is marred with controversies, such as the trade and investment regime, the links between private and public sectors in the finance and investment field, fiscal and macroeconomic policies, voluntary business practices, liability and arbitration mechanisms. Institutional and emerging non‐institutional arrangements and settings need to be mapped out and their performance scrutinized. The identification of IDDRI’s strategy and clear priorities in this vast field will be prepared by the Governance Programme Director under the supervision of the Director of Programmes and in close collaboration with the Scientific Director and the Development and Communication Director.

The Governance Programme Director will be in charge of managing the Programme’s team. She/He will be part of the coordination committee along with the Executive team, other programme directors and initiatives’ leads. She/He will also represent IDDRI in both policymaking and expert/scientific forums and networks at the national, European and international level.

The detailed responsibilities of the Governance Programme Director will be the following:

  • Define and adjust the three‐year strategy and impact strategy on an annual basis, working with the Executive Committee
  • Define and implement an annual work programme, and its outreach and impact strategy (publish policy briefs, scientific articles, organise and participate in conferences/workshops, etc.) and regularly assess their relevance; participate in the preparation of the annual report
  • Coordinate and further develop IDDRI’s network of partners at the national, European and international levels in the field of the Governance programme: Agence Française de Développement, other bilateral and multilateral donors, French and European public administrations, civil society, private actors in particular in the financial sector, other think tanks, scientific community
  • Represent IDDRI’s director in the meetings and activities of the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG) as well as any other high level network/groups, as well as define and implement IDDRI’s contribution to the Groups’ strategies
  • Ensure IDDRI’s visibility by representing the institute in the media through interviews or Op‐eds, and in various national and international fora, in particular through the promotion of the results and recommendations of IDDRI’s work to decision makers at multiple levels (international, EU, national)
  • Ensure the scientific coordination and coherence of the different projects within the Programme and oversee their implementation with the researchers
  • Represent the Programme in IDDRI’s relevant governance structures; coordinate and interact with the other Programme Directors and Initiative Leads through, inter alia, participation in the Coordination committee
  • Ensure the identification of emerging challenges and new initiatives through exploratory foresight activities and horizon scanning
  • Contribute to the discussions on IDDRI’s overall strategic orientation
  • Human resource, scientific and strategic management of a team of researchers: hold annual performance reviews, assess with the IDDRI directors the human resources needs, participate in the hiring process
  • Fund raising and financial management: secure and identify new funding partners; prepare and manage the Programme’s annual budget with the support of the secretary general and financial team
  • In addition, the Programme Director will, insofar as possible, carry out his/her own research, publish policy briefs and/or research papers, teach at Sciences Po or other Universities, develop partnerships with other research centres, Government actors, the private sector, NGOs, etc.

Required qualifications

  • PhD or master’s degree preferably in the field of development studies and/or international relations, with a focus on sustainable development
  • Good knowledge of academic and think tank communities in the field of development studies, trade and sustainable development, finance, as well as international governance and international relations
  • 10‐year experience in or knowledge of one or more of the following fields and institutions:
    • international institutions and their negotiation and agenda setting processes (MDBs, UN, WTO, bilateral donors, bilateral trade negotiations, and links to the Rio Conventions and Agenda 2030, notably),
    • public investment banks, the private finance sector
    • European policies, and in particular development and external policies, their institutions and processes
  • Professional experience in science / policy interfaces in research, think tank and policy oriented institutions (public administration, NGO, private sector); a professional network at the international level would be an advantage
  • Proven experience in staff and financial management
  • Experience of direct intervention in strategic debates on the sustainable development agenda representing directly an expert/research, policy or advocacy institution
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to synthesize and present technical analysis for a non‐technical audience
  • Fluency in English and in French
  • Willingness to travel both nationally and internationally

Location and type of contract

The position is based at IDDRI in Paris.

A long term position will be offered.

Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience, according to IDDRI’s rules and regulations.

IDDRI adheres to and supports norms of equal opportunity for employment.

How to apply?

Interested candidates should send a CV, motivation letter, as well as the names of three referees to Lisa DACOSTA ([email protected])

Deadline: 20 July 2018: review of received candidatures
Application will remain open until position is filled

Please note that only preselected candidates will be contacted for the interview process.