Oregon Water Resources Department

Salem, OR, USA



This position exists in the Groundwater Section of the Technical Services Division.  The groundwater section supports the agency’s mission “to serve the public by practicing and promoting responsible water management” through implementation of the Groundwater Act of 1955 (ORS 537.505 to 537.795 and 537.992) and related administrative rules.  Groundwater section staff  participate in all facets of the agency’s core work as described in its 2019 strategic plan; they are the primary entity responsible for collecting groundwater data statewide, organizing and interpreting that data, and applying that data and information to support groundwater right transactions, the distribution and regulation of groundwater, and planning efforts to meet future groundwater needs.  The groundwater section contributes directly to advancing Recommended Action Items 1a (Conduct Additional Groundwater Investigations), 1b (Improve Water Resources Data Collection and Monitoring), 1c (Coordinate Inter-Agency Data Collection, Processing, and Use), and 11e (Develop Additional Groundwater Protections) of the State’s 2017 Integrated Water Resources Strategy.

Over half of the state’s population is directly dependent on groundwater resources for drinking, industrial/process, or irrigation water. The remainder relies on surface water as a primary source with groundwater as a backup supply. As a result, the state’s entire population is affected by the various tasks and activities of the groundwater section.


Hydrogeologists will execute a groundwater data collection program for one or more areas of the state and use their professional training and expertise to interpret that data to support the agency’s mission and core work as described above.  The hydrogeologist will apply data and professional interpretations to support groundwater right transactions, the distribution and regulation of groundwater, and planning efforts to meet future groundwater needs.  The hydrogeologist will provide technical input to support administrative rule development through the agency’s schedule for rulemaking, support preparation for legal cases, and support development of policies and programs.

Many of the duties and responsibilities of this position require the incumbent to apply hydrogeologic, geologic and other scientific principles constituting the practice of geology, and therefore the incumbent should be working toward recognition by the Oregon State Board of Geologist Examiners as a Registered Geologist. Hydrogeologists hired for this position will work under the responsible charge of a Registered Geologist in the Department, who will provide mentorship and otherwise support their work toward becoming registered themselves.

This position performs duties to promote customer service and harmonious working relationships, including treating all persons with courtesy and respect. This position engages in effective team participation through a willingness to assist and support co-workers, supervisors, and other work-related associates. This position develops good working relationships with other agency staff by accomplishing the agency mission and resolving problems in a constructive manner. This position demonstrates openness to constructive feedback in an effort to strengthen work performance, and contribute to a positive, respectful, and productive workplace.  This position strives to exemplify the agency’s core values of Integrity, Service, Technical Excellence, Teamwork, and a Forward-Looking approach to work.