External Evaluation of Cooperation for International Waters in Africa (CIWA)

The World Bank


Assignment Description The external evaluation will review CIWA’s performance and achievements towards meeting the programs objectives. The evaluation will provide to the CIWA Advisory Committee and Management an external assessment of CIWA’s performance and results during the last six years since the 2015 Mid-term Review. The evaluation will be based on a review and assessment of the Theory of Change. The evaluation will be conducted with a view to identify lessons learned and provide recommendations to help to strengthen CIWA’s program activities for the next five years. The evaluation should cover all three types of CIWA’s engagements (sustained support in priority basins, high-impact / strategic engagements for propelling cooperation in areas outside priority basins, including select regional economic communities and countries, and knowledge management). The evaluation should also focus on cross-cutting issues related to gender and social inclusion, strategic communication, data and engagement in fragile and conflict affected areas. Qualification Criteria

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