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•  Undertake project delivery of water supply and wastewater services.
•  Contribute to the strategic direction of the Antarctic Division’s water supply, water storage, water treatment and wastewater systems.•  Must have trade or professional qualifications, ideally in either plumbing or mechanical services.
Who we are
The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is part of the Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. As primary agency for Australia’s Antarctic Program (AAP), the AAD is responsible for achieving the Australian Government’s Antarctic goals. These goals are to:

•  maintain the Antarctic Treaty System and enhance Australia’s influence within it
•  protect the Antarctic environment
•  understand the role of Antarctica in the global climate system
•  undertake scientific work of practical, economic and national significance.

The AAD also has responsibility for administering the Australian Antarctic Territory and the Territory of Heard and McDonald Islands.

The Assets and Infrastructure Branch provides and maintains the equipment and infrastructure to support the Australian Antarctic Program. This ranges from maintenance of existing assets through to developing or procuring new assets and capability. The Assets & Infrastructure Engineering Group:

•  assures the safety, capability and environmental compliance of the built environment at each of Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic facilities
•  provides expert engineering advice and support to AAD personnel to assist in ensuring the technical integrity of infrastructure and the safety and reliability assurance program
•  provides branch wide engineering support and services in the areas of strategic asset management, master planning, compliance management, technical publications and technical drawings.

The Antarctic Infrastructure Section is responsible for the management, maintenance and engineering development of the built infrastructure at Australia’s Antarctic and sub-Antarctic. The section consists of an expeditioner workforce which carries out construction and maintenance activities at the stations and a management group of engineering and technical staff at the AAD’s head office.

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has 3 Antarctic stations and another station on the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island. All of these stations have a series of water storage tanks to provide for the day-to-day fluctuations in demand and to maintain a quantity of water for fire response. Casey and Mawson utilised their proximity to the Antarctic ice sheet to melt snow/ice for daily potable demand. Davis is situated in a large ice-free area (Vestfold Hills) and as such seawater is desalinated every January/February and the entire year’s needs is stored in additional large heated tanks. Macquarie island utilises a small dam to provide raw water to the supply tanks. The AAD is currently in the process of replacing the day-to-day water storage tanks as part of the overall plans for the renewal of the water infrastructure assets and development of new infrastructure as part of the station modernisation program.

The Job
The Project Officer will work at head office as a member of the Antarctic Infrastructure Section. Key duties will include, but are not limited to:

•  contributing to the strategic direction of the Antarctic Division’s water supply, water storage, water treatment and wastewater systems
•  supporting the Antarctic Infrastructure Section in the provision of operational, maintenance, and safety/environmental risk management associated with the following technologies:
–  water production (currently snow/ice melting and reverse osmosis)
–  bulk water storage and day supply tanks
–  fire water storage
–  water reticulation systems
–  drinking water quality management
–  wastewater systems (currently MBR and RBC technologies are utilised)
•  undertaking the project delivery of water supply and wastewater services to support multi-disciplinary scientific research, including evaluating requirements, infrastructure design, component specification, costing, risk management and the preparation of project documentation
•  managing the engagement (including contractual arrangements) of specialist consultants and contractors as required
•  undertaking a range of other tasks, as required, and as delegated by the Project Engineer – Water and Infrastructure Engineer, to support the overall program of operating and maintaining remote Antarctic infrastructure.

What we are looking for
•  A comprehensive knowledge and demonstrated current capability in water supply, wastewater treatment and fire water storage, with a comprehensive understanding of relevant work practices, standards and regulatory requirements.
•  A demonstrated ability to apply this knowledge and capability to develop and manage plans, documents and processes associated with the following:
–  The operation and maintenance aspects of the water supply system and wastewater treatment facilities.
–  The management of construction projects including financial estimates and budgets.
–  Developing and managing plans, including establishing appropriate priorities.
–  Specifying and procuring required materials while complying with Commonwealth procurement rules and systems.
–  Providing advice and guidance on statutory compliance, compliance with Australian standards and sound industry practice.
–  Utilising computer-based maintenance management systems.
•  Demonstrated effective leadership capability including:
–  leading remote teams to safely deliver required outcomes with competing priorities and within timeframes, while maintaining engagement and productivity
–  maintaining a strong personal and organisational focus on safety, conduct, safety management systems, incident reporting and investigation.
•  Effective communication and interpersonal skills including:
–  written and verbal communication and listening skills
–  the ability to build strong collaborative working relationships.
•  Positive problem-solving skills including a proven ability to analyse issues, identify relevant areas of risk, use initiative and generate practical solutions.
•  An appreciation of the Antarctic environment and conditions is required. The successful applicant will be required to undertake activities for periods of time in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions.

Mandatory qualifications
You must hold a trade or professional Australian qualification (or equivalent qualification recognised in Australia) ideally in either plumbing or mechanical services.

Eligibility and other requirements
Please note that the successful applicant may be required to travel to the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic regions therefore they may be required to meet specific medical, adaptability and personal qualities requirements appropriate to working in those environments. In order to undertake travel to the Antarctic & sub-Antarctic regions they will need to:

•  demonstrate the range of personal qualities and interpersonal skills necessary to perform as a successful team member within isolated Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environments
•  demonstrate an ability to effectively adapt and respond to the demands of living and working in an isolated and confined environment as determined by a psychological (adaptability) assessment
•  be certified as fit for Antarctic service by the AAD’s Polar Medicine Unit.

The successful applicant must also hold and maintain a valid Australian motor vehicle drivers licence.

For additional information, please read the Job Description below.

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Job Description

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