PhD: Simulation and optimisation of integrated water-energy systems to explore potential for intermittent renewables and regional power pools via FindAPhD

University of Manchester

Manchester, , GB

Project Description

The world is moving into an unprecedented era of dam-building with more than 3700 large hydropower dams currently planned or under construction, many in developing countries. These projects, and their connections to wider energy and water systems, have the potential to contribute significantly to the economic and social changes that underpin global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This PhD project seeks to build approaches and tools that help ensure dams are selected, designed and operated to support resilient and sustainable national, regional and global development under climate change. This will be achieved by understanding and assessing dams as interdependent human-nexus (water-energy-food-environment) system interventions and enabling stakeholders to negotiate economic, social, political and ecological impacts despite future uncertainty.

Funding Notes

Strong analytical (applied mathematics) and computer programming skills (e.g. python), knowledge and experience in system simulation and optimization is a plus.