Consultant (Environmental Governance/Natural Resource Management - Project Development Specialist)

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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United Nations Development Project (UNDP) and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Swedish EPA), jointly launched the Joint UNDP-Swedish EPA Project on Environmental Governance for Sustainable Natural Resource Management in the Mining Sector (EGP) in 2015.

The current phase of the EGP is fully funded by Sida from 2014 through June 2019. It draws upon the combined governance, environmental and extractive sector expertise of the two agencies and their partners.

The EGP provides targeted support to four countries: Colombia, Kenya, Mongolia, and Mozambique to strengthen national capacities to govern the mining sector for more sustainable development outcomes. The project also works at the global and regional level to strengthen knowledge sharing and the exchange of innovative policy approaches within and across countries and regions.

As the current project phase is coming to an end in June 2019, a new phase needs to be designed. The current project requires support in consulting all relevant stakeholders and drafting a new Project Document for the next phase.

An external evaluation is expected to be completed November 2018 and the results of this evaluation should inform the design of the next phase.

The project is implemented flexibly in the four target countries, where different types of results are sought. This presents challenges for employing unified global level results-based management methods. Moreover, defining and measuring impact results remain central challenges to Environmental Governance. Given these constraints, the results-based project design, management and M&E need strengthening in the next phase of the EGP.

In addition to having a strong Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA), the next phase of the programme will also be based on approaches such as Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA), Doing Development Differently (DDD) and the like.


The objective of this consultancy is to consult all relevant stakeholders and draft the project document for next phase of the EGP, including a strong results and monitoring framework. To achieve this objective, the consultant will work closely with the EGP team from SEPA and UNDP