Local hire: Water and Sanitation Assistant (multiple positions)

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

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Functional Responsibilities

Under the Supervision of the Project Manager:

Based on the staff rotation schedule, a Water and Sanitation Assistant should report to the General WASH Monitoring Assistant, and undertake effective monitoring of the delivery of both water and sanitation services.

Water and Sanitation Assistants (WSAs) expected to work 40 hours every week (excluding lunch and rest times) over 16 duty days in each month

*Specific responsibilities of the Water and Sanitation Assistant (WSA) include:

Main Functional responsibilities

Sanitation (Desludging) Monitoring:

  • Maintain presence at the entry and exit points of the desludging trucks in Azraq/Za’atari refugee camps during working hours (06:00 AM- 05:00 PM) 7 days a week (every other day) according to the staff rotation schedule.
  • Inspect each desludging truck exiting/entering the camp, to determine the volume of the loaded wastewater, plate number, sign vouchers as evidence etc.
  • Log all details of trucks entering and leaving the camp and details of each desludging trip as per the standard recording and reporting templates.
  • In emergency cases, WSA should monitor transfer of wastewater lorries/trucks to another.
  • Ensure that all septic tanks are desludged according to the daily schedule.
  • Observe and record any contravention of the process by the desludging contractor.
  • Monitor the septic tanks and report any desludging practices, which might lead to wastewater contamination.
  • Observe and report any spillages, environmental issues or possible contamination sources arising from desludging and discharging activities.
  • Respond to complaints received through the hotline and follow up on cases related to wastewater.
  • Monitor, accurately record and report the amounts of wastewater dispatched at Azraq/Za’atari Wastewater Treatment plant.
  • Correlate the amounts of wastewater inspected at truckload inspection station with the amount of wastewater collected.
  • Immediately report any operational issues that affect or might affect the normal desludging operations. 

Other responsibilities:

WSA may possibly be assigned to work on Water supply and distribution monitoring when requested/needed.

And duties are:

  • Maintain presence at the three water points in Za’atari/Azraq refugee camp (including designated entry point for external trucks) during water supply operations.
  • Monitor, accurately record and report quantities of water dispatched to the camp community from the water points of the camp.
  • Perform random water quality tests on water coming into the camp, dispatched from the three water points, communal water tanks and household storage, and report any irregularities.
  • Immediately report operational issues that affect or might affect the normal water distribution operations/water points.

Roaming Patrol Activity:

  • Trace samples of water delivery to the district checkpoints and at filling points on block level and household level.
  • Observe and report all damage or faults of water tanks, pipeline and other water supply structures in the camp.
  • Record and report solid waste collection volumes and standards in the camp.

General Responsibilities:

  • Perform any other task assigned by the Project Manager.
  • Collaborate effectively and responsively with the entire UNOPS team including focal points, and Project Manager.