Research and Development Manager via Idealist

Moshi, , TZ

TATU Project is a non-profit organization that facilitates an equal and sustainable development for the rural community of Msitu Wa Tembo (MWT) and Londoto in Northern Tanzania. We address community needs and build effective solutions through active collaboration with members of Msitu wa Tembo and Londoto and relevant stakeholders.

One major principle of our organization is to work directly with the members of the community and create the projects with a long-term vision and sustainable structure. In shaping the project one must value the local knowledge, listen to their vision and develop the idea together with the population. The job and environment imply polyvalence and flexibility.

Job Description

Responsibilities as Research and Development (R&D) Manager:

Field Research

TATU is constantly keeping eyes and ears open for what happens in the community, as well as making sure we have the necessary information to move forward with projects. The R&D Manager is responsible for:

–      Research on the community is done respectfully, introduced transparently, informed to the relevant actors

–      Reports are done properly and timely and shared with the team, the community and the BoD

–      Coordinate any research/baseline investigation when needed with other projects

o  make sure the plan, methodology and objectives are clear, have a reference document to follow and share with BoD before starting the research

o  Compile, analyze and report on results, approve with GM and BoD before any official publication

o  Improve any investigation tools based on needs for data, vision and objectives.

–      Ensuring the TATU team has the right tools do undergo community research and is accompanied by the R&D departments

Baseline survey 2019:

 Every 5 years, TATU undertakes a baseline survey, covering a representative sample of the communities of MWT and Londoto based on our KPIs and future research needs.

–      Ensure all the steps are outlined correctly

–      The team and resources are set, the process is clear and approved by the BoD and communicated to the leaders of both villages

–      Coordinate the team and keep the activities moving forward to ensure we finalize the process in time (before the rains!).

–      Compile, report and present results to the TATU team, the community and the BoD

Water Initiatives development and coordination

This project aims to improve access to safe and clean water for the overall community. As it is mainly needing research, M&E and a clear strategic plan with partners it falls under the R&D department responsibilities for now. The R&D Manager works in collaboration with the Water Project Manager to:

–       Ensure we continue to have a strategic approach community wide and a good plan commonly approved with the community

–      Keep looking for funding and partners

–      Ensure we are looking for the needed expertise through advisors and other organizations

–      Monitor and evaluate results, ensure the local governance is on top of the infrastructure

–      Report to partners

Develop and coordinate the research for Environment Projects

This is a program we would like to finish researching, designing, formulating in order to start implementing in 2019. To move this forward, the R&D Manager will need to:

–      Plan any necessary pilot project

–      Work on framework and resource proposal

–      Contribute to other project research needs, whether through advice, tools, training and/or actual execution, depending on needs and relevance.

–      Plan, prepare and execute community wide baseline surveys for TATU Project when needed – according to strategic plan and upon approval of GM and BoD

–      Work on Grants for our environment projects in collaboration with Fundraising & Communication department.


–      Support the team in doing their M&E tasks properly

–      Ensure the water and environment projects have an M&E frame in place and in line with the overall system

–      Ensure the Baseline survey fits within our M&E system and vice versa

Functions may evolve depending on needs, the Research and Development Manager needs to be flexible and ready to adapt

Profile required

The person recruited for this role is expected to have experience/training in at least two of the following fields:

·      Research: methodology, implementation, reporting and detail-orientation

·      Water systems/WASH experience/training a great asset

·      Environmental experience/training a great asset

·      Very good organisational/planning skills

·      Curiosity and method for in-depth research

·      M&E experience/background a good asset

·      Good at problem solving within a team setting and collaborative approach

·      Excellent computer skills for reporting: Excel and Word

The project involves many different fields (business, health, development…) and therefore we like to strongly underline the high level of FLEXIBILITY and cultural sensitivity required to work in the local cultural context.


·      The minimum time commitment is 1 year, preferably more.

·      Flight, insurance and personal expenses on site are at the charge of the volunteer.

·      Accommodation in the NGO house for no fees – can be a shared room depending on occupancy rate (it fluctuates!)

·      All work related costs, such as transport to the community & communications will be covered by the NGO

·      VISA will be covered by the NGO

·      A stipend of 400,000TSH will be provided

·      Availability: preferably from August 2018