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Action Against Hunger

Garowe, , SO

Organisational background:

Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger) has been conducting humanitarian programs in Somalia since May 1992. Currently, Action Against Hunger is conducting its humanitarian activities in Somalia focused on treating and preventing malnutrition, increasing access to clean water and appropriate sanitation, strengthening the food-security, livelihoods and thus boosting the resilience of communities in Somalia as well as emergency response via program bases in Somalia.

Goal: The WASH Engineer will Identify and implement facility/infrastructure rehabilitation and construction ensuring they are in conformity with overarching strategy and the standards set internationally, by Action Against Hunger and by national policies. The WASH Engineer will be under the direct supervision of the WASH HoD. S/he will be responsible to deliver and accomplish the construction and/or rehabilitation of facilities in compliance with the individual project’s goals and objectives.

The positions and responsibilities

Action Against Hunger Somalia is looking for suitable Somali National to fill the WASH Engineer position, based in Garowe. The WASH Engineer reports Hierarchically to Field Coordinator and technically to the WASH HoD

The WASH Engineer responsibilities shall include but not limited to the following:

Mission 1: Implementation and Technical oversight

The WASH Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  • Ongoing, systematic and thorough analysis of the status of facilities (OTPs, MCH, SC, WASH infrastructure, agricultural systems, Action Against Hunger field Bases, etc) and internal dissemination of information gathered and its analysis to the Field Coordinator and the WASH Head of Department.
  • Development of draft design, BoQs and SoWs for the rehab/construction works. Dissemination of designs, BoQs and SoWs to respective departments to ensure clear understanding of the documents at site level.
  • Onsite or remote supervision of rehabilitation/construction of the facilities in line with the specifications of the design and BoQs
  • Ensure quality construction of all assets, ensuring good maintenance and sustainable processes are put in place.
  • Closely monitor progress of works in line with the approved bidders work plans and methodology statements.
  • Carry out actual onsite measurement of works to be used for determination of phased payment.
  • Contribute to any redesign of works and review of BoQs where necessary.
  • Identify gaps in the infrastructure in the project sites and recommend appropriate corrective action.
  • Collaboration, planning and coordination with respective project staff, local authorities and beneficiary communities towards meeting the identified needs for host community, returnees and IDPs based on the design of the project/program.
  • Ensure optimal utilization of resources, cost effectiveness and accountability on site by the vendor.

Mission 2: Set up, implement and report on construction/rehab projects

The WASH Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  • Compilation and submission of comprehensive and accurate construction/rehab reports within set deadlines for each activity.
  • Identify the technical constraints associated with the implementation of the projects
  • Propose innovative technical solutions in response to such constraints
  • Implement technical recommendations concerning the project (from Head of Department, Technical Advisor at Headquarters, Experts, Evaluators )
  • Supervise his/her programs, by means of internal Activity Progress Report (APR) monitoring tools, regular presence in the field, maintenance of a timeline, monthly review of the budget
  • Preparing in time to meet deadlines of the beneficiary sector in regard to external and internal reports relating to the project.
  • Identifying and implementing safety measures for both the teams and the wider population (building sites, community based sites )

Mission 3: Contribute to the quality, accountability and impact measurement process of his/her program

The WASH Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  • Promote and contribute to learning and improvement of quality (internal evaluation and joint visits)
  • Implement complaints procedures for ethical and transparency reasons, particularly in respect of the beneficiary populations

Mission 4: Participate in the coordination, representation and partnerships of Action Against Hunger in his/her area of intervention

The WASH Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  • Coordination of activities with other sectors and departments of Action Against Hunger in order to ensure rational use of resources and optimum integration
  • Representing Action Against Hunger and ensuring coordination with partners, the authorities, agencies of the United Nations and NGOs in his/her sector, in collaboration with the Field Coordinator
  • Contributing to the process of selecting partners, formalizing partnerships and enhancing their capabilities (Local NGOs, international NGOs, national authorities, private agencies etc) and reinforcing their capabilities

Mission 5: Supervision and team management

The WASH Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  • Supervision and capacity building of WASH staff at the Base
  • Liaise with the vendor and ensure proper construction team management while at Action Against Hunger sites.
  • In collaboration with the beneficiary sector, ensure community concerns during construction/rehab activities are actioned and feedback provided to the communities through the beneficiary sector.

Mission 6: Contributing to capitalization and technical development in his/her sector

The WASH Engineer is responsible for the following activities:

  • Capitalization of program-related data and documentation of the innovations achieved
  • Dissemination of the technical and operational expertise acquired in the course of the program
  • Contributing to the upward transmission of data from the ground the better to inform Action Against Hunger communications

Qualifications, experience and competencies

  • Degree/Diploma in Civil or Structural Engineering, or other relevant technical area.
  • 1 year of professional experience in the humanitarian sector or the private sector for degree holders, 3 years for diploma holders. This should include preparation of construction technical documentation.
  • Experience working on large infrastructure and/or civil works in complex environments. Must include construction, technical project documentation development and supervision of actual construction.
  • Capacity to write technical reports
  • Possess analytical capacity
  • Ability to identify problems and to provide appropriate solutions
  • Professional, responsible, Motivated, Open-minded, Culturally sensitive, Flexible and Creative
  • Remote management experience
  • Team management (make a team work together, make a team understand their objective)
  • Capacity building, training
  • Ability to manage a team in a mature and impartial manner
  • Good knowledge of technical drawing and design tools and software (AutoCAD or equivalent)
  • Fluent in Somali and English (oral and writing)
How to apply:

Applications, should include a CV with cover letter and 3 professional references to be sent via email to:

[email protected] not later than 18th August 2018 clearly mentioning the position on the subject line : WASH Engineer -Garowe.

Recruitment for this position is subject to availability of funding

Only Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.