Vetted Experts Roster: Geospatial Data Specialist with Expertise in Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Development

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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Accurate spatial data on the status and trends of biodiversity, ecosystems and essential ecosystem services is of paramount importance for UNDP and the decision makers and governments it works with. Yet the ability of countries to access and use spatial data to develop plans, take actions and report results is extremely low. A recent study of the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPS) and 5th National Reports (NR) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) from more than 110 countries shows that NBSAPs contain an average of fewer than four maps, and NRs fewer than five. Moreover, the study revealed critical gaps – less than 4% of all maps (and only 8 countries) included ecosystem services. These findings reflect similar results to a survey conducted 18 months ago for 100+ countries. Without accurate data on the status and trends of biodiversity, ecosystems and ecosystem services, decision makers will continue to be unable to fully understand the consequences of biodiversity loss to sustainable development. Therefore, their ability to achieve the 2030 Agenda and their national Sustainable Development Goals will be compromised. For example, countries may need support with geospatial data analyses to prepare a comprehensive, data-driven national report, or to determine where to implement a conservation strategy or action and assess its impact. We are seeking spatial data experts worldwide with knowledge of English, and French and/or Spanish languages to assist in addressing these gaps.