Haiti Water and Sanitation Project: Learning and Communication Specialist


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Position: Collaboration, Learning and Communication Specialist
Category: Full Time Employment
Location: Cap Haitien, Haiti


USAID has launched a Water and Sanitation Project to support the scaling of sustainable services in Haiti. The overarching objective of the USAID Water and Sanitation Project is to increase access to water and sanitation services in Haiti through an approach that builds sustainability of service delivery. The project is implemented by Development Alternative Inc (DAI). The main base is in Cap-Haitian with a regional office in Port-au-Prince.

The USAID Water and Sanitation Project is organized in three mutually reinforcing components to support its objectives:

Component 1. Increased access to sustainable water supply services
Component 2. Increased access to sustainable sanitation services
Component 3. Strengthened enabling environment for sustainable delivery, operation and maintenance of Water and Sanitation services

In addition to these components, there is the Acceleration Fund (EAF), which is designed to stimulate the market and promote innovative and sustainable water and sanitation services.

As a subcontractor, Ayiti Nexus will provide key staff, offer strategic guidance on communications, monitoring, evaluation and knowledge, collaboration and learning. Ayiti Nexus will work with the DAI team to facilitate the development of new skills, partnerships, resources, and knowledge within the sector—while strengthening the underlying systems so the improvements are sustained.

Assignment Overview:
In collaboration with all other members of the WSS team and specially the DCOP, the Collaboration, Learning, and Communication Specialist will support the creation of a knowledge platform, organize events, and ensure production of knowledge management products. Support public advocacy and “calls for action” through various media.  He / she will work collaboratively with the technical teams to integrate and share learning in the project and with project stakeholders.

Responsibilities Include:
●    Lead knowledge management, learning and adaptation activities;
●    Facilitate and institutionalize learning in the project, including identifying knowledge gaps and developing learning activities to inform and improve programming;
●    Contribute to knowledge products including technical publications, reports, learning briefs, updates/newsletters, brochures, presentations, videos, posters, social media content;
●    Generate, review and disseminate knowledge management and learning products such as case studies, success stories, blogs, etc;
●    Develop mechanisms for sharing knowledge among project staff and with local stakeholders
●    Work with the technical team and Technical Assistance to develop mechanisms to share best practices within public sector and between public and private sector
●    Facilitate staff retreats, after-action reviews, and strategic planning sessions;
●    Support the management of websites, online communities, e-learning events and trainings;
●    Contribute to the development and adjustment of a distinctive strategic vision for improved knowledge sharing and learning across multiple stakeholders;
●    Lead annual technical knowledge sharing events, document and share best practice and lessons learned;
●    Support the program’s communication strategy by identifying communications opportunities, defining messaging, and planning and supervising communications actions.

●    Advanced degree in a relevant field such as communication, qualitative research, organizational change;
●    Required 5 (at least) years of experience in leadership in social and developmental (desirable) communications, learning, research, change management, marketing or advertising;
●    Demonstrated experience in creative and strategic methodologies
●    Strong capacity to be adaptable to a variety of technologies, experienced in designing and implementing impactful events and deliverables;
●    Excellent writing and editing skills. Experience writing and crafting content for social media, blog posts, and other synthesis products;
●    Successful planning, facilitation, and management of events including stakeholder/audience consultation workshops, materials/product pre-testing activities, focus groups, meetings, conferences, and program launches;
●    Excellent capacity to focus on public-private partnerships, human and institutional capacity-building, knowledge sharing and collaborative learning;
●    Excellent capacity to promote community engagement, and integrated solutions that build stakeholders capacity and autonomy;
●    Demonstrated familiarity with Haiti; its people, its customs, its challenges, and its institutions – especially relevant and stakeholder of the water and sanitation sectors.
●    Experience supporting field teams to complete objectives/activities on time and within budget, while meeting high standards;
●    Excellent analytical, writing, and oral presentation skills and Confidant ability to execute these communications in fluent Creole, French, or English is required;
●    Availability for frequent travel in all the targets area of the project.

Please send your CV to [email protected] with « CH035 – CLC Specialist» in the subject line.