Freelance Consultant International Development

Mott MacDonald

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Job Description

Based on our joint expertise we are able to provide our customers with a broad range of international development services. Euroconsult’s expertise lies in land and water resources development, rural development, agriculture, environmental protection and management, climate change projects and capacity building. BMB is specialized in the provision of innovative management consultancy services geared towards public, private and social sector development (health care and education). Mott MacDonald Limited’s international development activities include specialist assistance in water and environmental engineering and project management including key skills in water resources development, major hydraulic structures, water and wastewater networks and treatment.We work for international funding institutions such as the EU, World Bank, DFID and African and Asian Development Bank. We continuously tender for new projects and are frequently looking for additional/replacement staff on existing projects (long and short term). Please check out for further information.

Candidate Specification

If you are a freelance consultant and have extensive and proven work experience in consultancy and international development, we invite you to add your CV to our database. To do so, please click on the apply button below. We are looking for freelance consultants including: Project Implementation and Management: (Deputy) Team Leaders, Financial Experts, Procurement Experts, M&E Experts, Recruitment and Contract Experts, IT Experts, Database Administrators, Research Experts. Water, Environment and Agriculture: Environmental Experts, Hydrologists, WSS Engineers, Irrigation Experts, Agricultural Experts, Fisheries Experts, Climate Change Experts, Civil/Structural Engineers, Mechanical/Electrical Engineers. Urban Planning: Civil Engineers, Construction Resources Planners, Urban Development Planners. Education: Education Experts, Training Experts. Health Care: Health Care Experts, Reproductive Health Advisors, Gender Experts. Public and Private Sector: Institutional Development Experts, Capacity Building Experts, Conflict Area Experts, Economists, Fiscal Experts.

Job Profile

The International Development Services Division (IDS) of Mott MacDonald consists of the activities of Euroconsult Mott MacDonald, BMB Mott MacDonald and various international development activities of Mott MacDonald Limited. IDS recruits for a wide range of project assignments in the area of International Development. We are involved in more than 90 projects in over 40 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.