Vanuatu nationals: Sanitation Program Lead

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Luganville, Vanuatu 🇻🇺

Expertise: Sanitation Program Lead
Expertise Group: Engineering

Consultant Source: National
TOR Keywords: water and sanitation

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

ADB is supporting the Government of Vanuatu to prepare and implement the Luganville Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project (LUWSSP). The project will improve access to integrated and resilient urban water
supply and sanitation (WSS) services in greater Luganville, Vanuatu. Feasibility studies for improvements to urban WSS were prepared in 2018 under the guidance of an ADB regional TA. A technical assessment and design consultant (TADC) firm is now being engaged under the project readiness financing (PRF) to support with preparation of designs, bidding documents and other due diligence documents for the ensuing proposed ADB financed investment project.

One of the proposed project’s outputs is to improve urban sanitation and hygiene awareness. Sanitation investments are anticipated to include: (i) construction, operation, and maintenance of a septage treatment and disposal facility; (ii) upgrading of selected public toilets and public toilets in schools; (iii) piloting the use of suitable sanitation facilities such as elevated pit latrines in low- lying areas; and (iv) raising water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) awareness.

The Department of Local Authorities (DLA) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) and Luganville Municipal Council (LMC) will be the implementing agencies for the sanitation components of the project. A project implementation unit (PIU) has been established in Luganville

The consultant will be recruited under the PIU in Luganville. The objective of the assignment is to support MIA, DLA and LMC to deliver the sanitation components of the project to a high-quality, including but not limited to (i) facilitating engagement with the implementing agencies and communities in relation to project activities; (ii) supporting PRF consultants engaged with coordination, information gathering, grounding in local context and review and preparation of project documents; (iii) providing inputs into the tender designs and preparation of bidding documents; and (iv) overseeing and facilitating progress on project scoping, stakeholder engagement, design, procurement, sustainability considerations and construction.

Scope of Work

The consultant will be recruited under the PIU in Luganville, and would require 10 months of inputs based full-time in Luganville.

Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output

The National Sanitation Program Lead will report to the PIU Head and will:

  1. .Support and facilitate activities for project readiness, including but not limited to:

a.providing leadership for the preparation of scope of work, design, and bidding documents for tender of the sanitation components of the project by working closely with the TADC and helping to ensure sufficient collaboration between TADC and LMC; and proactively working to resolve challenges as they arise,
b. reviewing all activities and outputs of the TADC related to sanitation (including in multi-purpose shelters) such as survey plans and results; preliminary and detailed designs; and capacity building and O&M related plans,
c. monitoring progress of TADC in delivering sanitation components of their TOR and as per the agreed work plan during scoping, design, tendering land acquisition (if necessary) phases,
d. ensuring participation and feedback of key stakeholders for design and O&M considerations,
e. ensuring project design and review consultants are provided with access to existing government data,
f. contributing technical inputs to design, specifications, etc. and generally ensuring compliance with local norms and requirements,
g. reviewing TADC’s approach for designing and implementing a data collection program for public health and environmental water quality,
h. reviewing TADC’s stakeholder engagement strategy for the proposed sanitation investments and ensuring extensive consultations to build ownership for the project at different levels,
i. designing a WASH community awareness program in close coordination with the water program lead,

  1. Working in close collaboration with the international sanitation specialist, technical assistance and
    design consultant (TADC), independent reviewers and other PIU and government staff to support the
    objectives of the project and ensure quality and robustness of the overarching approach, designs and
    bidding documents;
  2. Working closely with the Water Program Lead to ensure consistent approach and collaboration and with
  3. Helping to ensure continuous transfer of knowledge from PRF consultants to government staff;
  4. Providing inputs into quarterly progress reports and briefing reports for ADB and government;
  5. Providing support and information to ADB review missions, and
  6. Providing other related support as required and agreed with by ADB, DLA, LMC, and PIU Head.


Monthly report (not to exceed 7 pages) with (i) key activities during the reporting period as per the above listed tasks, (ii) achievements during the reporting period, (iii) objectives for the next 3 months and (iv) challenges observed with potential solutions proposed. Appendices can also be included for additional tables and information. The format of the report will be approved by ADB and PIU.

Minimum Qualification Requirements

The consultant will have at least Bachelor level qualifications in civil, chemical, or environmental engineering or similar field, and: (i) have a minimum 5 years’ professional experience in engineering design and/or management of on-site sanitation; (ii) preferably have experience in implementation of WASH training programs; and (iii) have experience with implementation and supervision of sanitation projects in Vanuatu. The consultant will have preferably demonstrated experience in an advisory role for government and have an excellent command of written and spoken English.

Minimum General Experience: 5 Years
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment): 5 Years