Consultancy for Hydro-geological/Geophysical Survey via ReliefWeb

International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Galkayo, , SO

The IRC is a member of the Building Resilient Communities in Somalia (BRCiS) Consortium and implements multi-year Resilience Programs in Somalia. Through the BRCiS consortium, the IRC is currently implementing BRCiS DEVCO projects funded by the European Commission in Galmudug. The overall objective is to improve the resilience of rural communities and IDP households in Somalia. The Specific objective is to reduce vulnerability and enhance livelihoods in rural Somali and internally displaced communities in Somalia. The project has different layers of interventions necessary in building communities capacities to shocks and stresses in a fragile contexts. Arrange of activities ranging from Recovery, rehabilitation and development of sustainable livelihood initiatives are implemented to respond to community needs and building their capacities to sustain these achievements.

With EU financial support, International rescue committee will implement drilling, equipping with provision of solar power supply to one water boreholes in Galmudug state over a period of eight months starting from July 2018- ending in Feb,2019

International Rescue committee has been actively operational with pools of professionals in the both the regions implementing varieties of projects such as WASH education and sponsorship, WASH, Health and livelihoods

The purpose of the hydro-geological /geophysical survey is to explore the possibility of identifying a groundwater source for the rural and urban centres/communities.

The Survey will aim at evaluating the groundwater situation as it is, through collecting any available relevant data (e.g. drilling logs), evaluating data from the surrounding boreholes, carrying out field geophysical measurements and reviewing any available previous survey report to form the hydro-geological geophysical survey report which will be in accordance to standards set and will meet IRC, Donor, Government and community objectives of drilling a successful borehole that will provide sufficient water for domestic and livestock use.

The consultant is responsible to suggest and recommends the best suitable sites for the drilling of the bore hole to minimize any technical errors rather the chosen site bring the most intended benefits like ensuring that the site have adequate and potable water

The consultant will further be required to recommend the exact depth of the each recommended bore hole.

To compile all the relevant reports including secondary data, practical experiences and information from the communities and other actors engaged in WASH activities in the two regions, share the thesis collected and present to IRC Somalia program and the regional team.


The Consultant is expected to use both secondary and primary data in the exercise, Secondary data will involve desk study of available information/data on existing boreholes, drill logs, reports and maps while primary data will be obtained by carrying out Hydro-geophysical measurements within the study area using the necessary hydro-geological surveying equipment, the new ABEM Tetrameter SAS 1000, which distinguishes between clays and fresh water by use of Induced Polarization (IP) measurements is recommended for this assignment.

The outcome of the consultancy will be a detailed hydro-geological survey report giving details of the findings and recommendations


The hydro-geological/geophysical investigations will be carried out in a multi-step approach:
a. Desk study: Review of existing data, topographical maps, satellite images, existing studies and borehole site investigations in the area, geological reports and maps (if available), borehole and surface water records, etc.
b. Hydro-geological fieldwork: Detailed reconnaissance survey of project area. (GPS co-ordinates/P-codes, water level measurements, condition of these boreholes, usage and performance where applicable) inspection of geological, geo-morphological and structural characteristics of the investigated area; verification of existing data and findings.
c. Geophysical measurements: resistivity/IP profiling and vertical electrical/IP soundings.
d. Analysis of hydro-geological/geophysical data.
e. Compilation, analysis, and evaluation of the gathered data and information.
f. Site selection and reporting.


The borehole shall be sited with the aid of combined a hydro-geological and geophysical survey. Prior to the field investigations, a desk study shall be made of the available relevant information on hydrogeology, climate, existing water sources, drilling records and other sources for the proposed area
The field investigations MUST be undertaken by a senior hydro-geologist, assisted by highly qualified hydro-geologists. The senior hydro-geologist will be responsible for planning, execution and interpretation of all geophysical data, reporting and selection of the most suitable site for drilling.
The site for selected development shall be marked with a concrete marker, shown in a picture plate and indicated on a sketch map to be included in the final report.

The report will review the existing literature and other relevant information, such as drilling logs, satellite images, etc. The report shall include all field data, interpretations and justifications, hydro-geological evaluations, conclusions and recommendations relating to the investigated area. In addition, appropriate maps, diagrams and data plots shall be presented. Of considerable importance will be an objective assessment of the applicability and success of the methods applied.


The final report to be submitted to International Rescue committee – Somalia program to the EH coordinator in either at Galkacyo or in Nairobi which is found appropriate by the consultant managements.

The outline table of contents of the final report will be as follows:

  • Introduction, review of previous studies and environmental background
  • Geology and hydrogeology (incl. Inventory of boreholes and other water points)
  • Methods of investigations, including Geophysical Techniques
  • Detailed resistivity/IP survey (Wenner & VES) to delineate the productive aquifer
  • Aquifer potential; sustainable yield & Water quality
  • Proposed drilling site (GPS- coordinate)
  • Detail design of the borehole and bill of quantities for the drilling site.
  • Proposed drilling method, and its applicability
  • Environmental impact and protection
  • Conclusion and recommendations
  • Social analysis of the beneficiaries including gender analysis
  • Recommends sustainability of the project including exit strategy

Recommendations will be given on the most suitable site for borehole drilling, the required depth, water quality, design and installation details, and other relevant aspects. Based on the available hydro-geological and geophysical data, an assessment of the anticipated chances of success shall be made for each individual site.

The hydro-geological report will give a detailed map delineating the investigated area, geology, aquifer properties (where known), location of measurements, and recommended drilling site. In addition, pictures taken during the actual field activity shall be included in the report.
All geophysical data, including its interpretation will be produced as an appendix to the final report.


The Consultant is required to provide the following
• Technical proposal on how the assignment will be conducted
• Appropriate timelines to perform the assignment
• Financial proposal indicating the cost rates and other charges applicable.
• CVs of the lead Consultant who should have minimum of 10 years of work experience in Hydrogeology/Borehole drilling/ground water prospecting activities preferably in Mudug
• CVs of other assisting hydro-geologists
• Proven field technical and field experience of Consultant(attach recent hydrogeological report that you ever done)

  1. Consultancies performed in the last 3 years especially in Puntland/Galmudug with reference letters for each hydro-geological surveys consultancy.
  2. Proof of availability of all the equipments required to perform the survey.
  3. Availability to perform the assignment at the earliest possible time.
  4. The consultant is willing to take and work within the existing insecure context of somalia
  5. The consultant must have the ability to employ the needed tools, equipment’s and manpower to accomplish the task within the agreed time frame.
How to apply:

Qualified consultant candidates who meet the above requirements are invited to Send Cover letters, CVs, Academic Qualifications and copy of your passports with 3 referees from your previous/or current employer to the following address email:

[email protected]

Please stipulate the job title in the mail subject line clearly