Consultant (Implementing Innovative Approaches for Improved Water Governance)

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

, , MN

Objective and Purpose of the Assignment
The individual consultant will provide expertise to support the development of a scoring system to 
assess the status of river basins specifically to develop a World Wildlife Fund Basin Report Card for 
the Tuul River Basin (under TA Output 2). The individual consultants are also expected to contribute 
their international and national experience in river basin and water resources management in order to 
assist ADB in implementing the TA. The selected two individual consultants will work closely with the TA 
consulting firm in conducting workshops and trainings and incorporate outputs to the overall report.
Scope of Work
The knowledge and support TA will strengthen water governance processes at the river basin level so that 
lessons learned can be scaled up and applied across Mongolia and other river basins in the region. The 
TA will support capacity building primarily through training, learning by doing, knowledge sharing, and 
pilot testing small-scale interventions. The TA will analyze lessons learned and prepare them as 
recommendations to support longer-term institutional and policy reforms. The TA is designed to bring 
significant changes to the approach to planning and managing water sector investments at the river basin 
level across Mongolia. It will improve the effectiveness and sustainability of water sector investments 
and infrastructure to provide socio-economic benefits. The TA will have three outputs: Output 1: River 
basin policy recommendations prepared; Output 2: Capacity building program for river basin 
administration strengthened and delivered; and Output 3: Actions and approaches for better river basin 
management implemented.
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
The specialist will have the following specific responsibilities:
(i) coordinate data collection process and indicator analysis; 
(i) provide inputs in other related technical tasks as requested; and
(ii) provide inputs to draft and final reports to be prepared by a consulting firm overseeing the 
overall TA implementation.  
Minimum Qualification Requirements
The specialist will have (i) a graduate degree in environment or water resources management or 
engineering with at least 8 years of relevant international experience including in Mongolia; (ii) 
detailed knowledge of the ecology and functioning of aquatic ecosystems of Mongolia; (iii) strong 
network with water resources community and relationships with key government agencies and specialists; 
(iv) sound understanding and experience in ecological protection, environmental improvement, and 
integrated water resources management principles and processes; and (v) demonstrated knowledge in 
Mongolia on environment protection, ecological security, and water resources management issues.